Commonwealth Journal

November 29, 2011

CJ Welcomes New Cartoonist Terry C. Wise

By TERRY C. WISE CJ Cartoonist
CNHI News Service

— Editor’s note: Over the past few days you may have noticed the introduction of some new editorial cartoons on this page. The Commonwealth Journal today introduces the man behind the pen, native Kentuckian Terry C. Wise. We look forward to seeing his unique perspective as reflected in his work which we plan on publishing on a regular basis. We’ll let Terry tell you a little about himself.

I'm a Kentucky native, having been born near Hodgenville, living now in historic Glendale (home of the world-famous Whistle Stop restaurant) with my lovely and deserving of your sympathy wife, Debbie. We have two daughters, more wonderful than I deserve, who try to shelter their friends from my humor, cartoons, and opinions, but I end up speaking at their schools too often for that to work.

I never thought about being a cartoonist. I wanted to be a "serious" illustrator and worked toward that goal for many years. What I found is that good illustrators are about 3 cents a dozen and (mostly by accident) I pursued cartooning as a career.

Being politically aware and a little sick and twisted is a doable combination it seems.

I've been published for about 20 years, the first 11 of those in Elizabethtown's daily paper, The News-Enterprise. Having been self-syndicated the last nine years in KY, I cater more to smaller market rural papers (those are the folks I best relate to). However, my work has made its way into college text books, some larger papers, and I've managed a few national publications, a lot of web work, and am syndicated in Europe through I'm very proud of the work I do there, I draw for the U.S. Army on a regular basis.  

I don't consider myself a pure conservative, but I do consider myself a mourner in the demise of common sense, and political correctness makes me ill. If that shifts my cartoons to the right, then that's where I am.