Commonwealth Journal

December 16, 2011

The most memorable Christmas

CNHI News Service

— Dear Editor:

Recently I was told a heart-warming story of a most memorable Christmas by a young lady who took part in this memorable event.

This particular Christmas was 1959 or 1960, long after the Depression era.

Being from a large family, she and her two brothers were alone at Christmas – their father not at home at the time. Mom had passed away a few years earlier when they were ages 3 through 6. The other siblings had married or gone away to find jobs.

Christmas Day began when Clifford, the older one of the three, went out in a nearby wooded area, cut a tree (Charlie Brown type), placed it in an old tin can filled with gravel he had retrieved from a nearby roadside, adding water to keep it lively and green.

The three went about searching for items to decorate it with.

To supply her with a present, her brother Clifford wrapped a dime he had in this pocket. Lawrence found an old book, both outer covers missing, tied it with a string, and placed it under the tree for her.

She does not recall what she gave her two brothers, but she states her memories of this Christmas, as well as their growing up together, are the most rewarding gifts anyone could wish for.

As I took notes from my little sister, Jean, I am reminded of the most wonderful gift – Jesus.


Elsie Cromer

Eubank, Ky.