Commonwealth Journal

November 28, 2012

Reader puts a face on battle over Libary

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Dear Editor:

In regards to the present situation concerning the Pulaski County Public Library, I hope the following may help those interested understand some of the issues involved.

First of all, consider the tact that political parties and movements need and usually have representative figures that embody their principles and philosophies, figures like Lincoln and FDR.

But if parties need representatives figures, sometimes there are figures who cry out to represent a party. One such figure is presently unclaimed. He is an outraged opponent of the goverment and almost certainly of tax districts that squander our tax money on questionable things like libraries. Predictably, he is also incensed over attacks on family values.

Here, in his own heated word, is his reaction both to a government that would tear apart the family he has somewhat neglected, and to government in general:

“Call this a govment! Why just look at it and see what it's like. Here’s the law a-standing to take a man’s son away from him—-a man’s own son, which he has had all the trouble and all the anxiety and all the expense of raising. Yes, just as that man has got that son raised at last, and ready to go to work and begin to do suthin’ for him and give him a rest, the law up and goes tor him. And they call that a govment... A man can’t get his rights in a govment like this. Sometimes I’ve a mighty notion to just leave the country for good and all.”

So indignant does he become over unwar-ranted interference with his constitutional rights, which would surely include taxation without representation, that he injures himself in a fury, resorts to strong drink to ease his outrage, and then tries to kill his son, all a consequence of excessive government control over his highly informed life.

His name is Pap Finn. More about his integrity and astonishing awareness of social and political issues. especially those dealing with race and literacy, can be found in Chapter 6 of a book that seems to be written by the son he so cherishes. His son’s name is Huckleberry and the book, for those who can read, can be found in the Pulaski County Public Library.

We can thank Mark Twain for creating in Pap Finn a representative figure that should fit some party and people to a Tea.

Yours truly,

Mike Miller

Murray, KY 42071