Commonwealth Journal

December 22, 2011

The American Dream

CNHI News Service

— Dear Editor:

I’ve come to you today to address some views and opinions in which I believe could be of interest to you and others as a whole, on America, where it used to be, and where it’s on it’s way to now. I often find myself repeating the same few questions in my own mind. What has happened to the “American Dream” everyone used to strive to live for everyday of their lives? Where has the American spirit gone to in the past decade?

We being America, the United Nation we’re supposed to be, seems to be fading away. How are we to let such a terrible thing happen? Without being the united nation we’re supposed to be there is no “American Dream.” Young men and women obtaining education above a high school level without being $100,000 in debt or more was wonderful and believe it or not used to be highly possible. What has happened to that? Education is a very important tool to better America as a whole for our future. If we must pay these outrageous prices for something as simple as an education, will Americans continue to experience finding education above the high school level?

Growing up in this very fast pace society it’s sometimes hard to realize things we may have gained or things we may be losing as a nation. It seems that if you are not born into an upper-middle class or at least a middle-class family the economy and the shape it’s in today will really show a negative effect on you and your family. I believe we as Americans should be trying our hardest to live up to our name land of the free and home of the brave. We should be helping each other to thrive and prosper. We don’t want to keep this downhill slope going as we have for the past decade or even longer.

As gas prices rise so do the prices on everything else including food for you and your family. The price to visit with your family or just to travel back and fourth from work. It all rises, while checks stay the same and taxes climb even higher. Will it get to the point we are here to survive instead of live? I just hope that the next generation after mine will be able to live the “American Dream” and we will not forget what America was and should be.

I’m a high school student in my senior year of school and am exploring possible higher education plans after high school to better myself along with my future plans. I really found myself interested in American History and America itself. I really wanted to reach the public on these fascinating facts of America in hope that America well be remembered, not forgotten.

Samuel D. Hayes

Bronston, KY 42501