Commonwealth Journal

October 27, 2011

Clinton’s reaction to Gaddafi death was chilling

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Dear Editor:

The gleeful laughter of Hillary Clinton after Gaddafi’s mutilation, saying “We came, we saw, he died” is chilling, as is her offer of U.S. aid to debt-free Libya to rebuild a country that NATO demolished, killing an estimated 30,000 people and wounding 50,000 by April alone – launching 9,600 air strikes to remove their leader.

Libyans have a life expectancy of 75.1 for males and 79.8 for females, almost that of the United States.

It is a country whose populace had free electricity, free medical care at home and abroad, free public and college education, an 84 percent literacy rate, a country where newly married couples are given $50,000 to buy a home.

It is a country with the highest per capita income in Africa, three times that of Egypt.

All that has changed.

Gaddafi’s mistake was wanting Libyans, and all African countries, to control their own resources and recently to sell oil in Euros or the gold Africa dinar instead of dollars.

French President Sarkozy claimed Gaddafi was “a threat to the financial security of mankind.”

America, France and England, one time the shining lights of liberty, now form an international crime cartel, a propaganda syndicate that shames the citizens of their own countries.

The lessons of the Nuremburg trials and the articles of the Geneva conventions have been trashed as international law is now violated at will.


Richard Krause

Gentry Lane

Somerset, KY 42501