Commonwealth Journal

January 12, 2012

‘What’s a body to do?’

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Dear Editor:

My wife and I drive about 60,000 miles a year and we are naturally concernend about gasoline prices.

Retailers say the prices are regulated by the distributors. Distributors say the prices are regulated by the market.

What’s a body to do?

Maybe instead of of paying $3.49 for a gallon of gas in Somerset, I can buy it for $3.13 at Walmart in Corbin if I’m going south; $3.19 at the College Food Mart in Richmond if going north; $3.24 at the Spur in Barbourville if going east; or $3.29 at the Walmart in Lebanon if going west.

I think I’ll try this.

Robert Bertram

Somerset, KY