Commonwealth Journal

January 31, 2012

Reader not so happy ban

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to the recent Somerset city limits Smoking Ban.

I would like to know WHY the city council can stop smoking in nursing homes. The nursing homes are OUR HOME! This is the only home that many nursing home residents have had for many, many years.

It is my constitutional right to choose what I want to do in my own home!

The facility I live in has only one place inside to smoke and it is set up for residents only, no visitors or staff can smoke in there. We have never had any complaints from anyone coming in and smelling smoke. The room has a ventilation system in it. We are citizens, too, and many of us cannot go outside to smoke in this weather or everyone would get sick.

Many of the nursing home residents cannot withstand such extreme temperatures – cold or hot.

The nursing home IS my home! If I had someone to take care of me at home I would not be here. I have no choice but to live in a nursing home because of my health.

It seems like nothing more than communists trying to dictate what I do in my own home!!

I am a veteran and served in the army during the Vietnam Conflict. In 1971 I was in a terrible car wreck and broke my neck leaving me paralyzed from the neck down for five months. I got through that and then suffered a bad fall in 1996 and laid for over 8 hours before anyone found me.

I have no children and no family who can care for me at home. I have to have assistance with dressing and bathing as well as other activities of daily living.

I am the Resident Council President at the facility where I live and a disabled American veteran as well as a pretty good guy.

It seems VERY unfair for someone who does not know me or any of my friends to take away one of the few pleasures that we have left in our own home!


Onzie Goodman

Somerset, Ky.