Commonwealth Journal

November 3, 2011

Tired of ‘Politics as Usual’

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Dear Editor:

I am tired of them trashing their opponents instead of offering ideas to solve our problems and bring us together.

Never in the history of our nation have we been in a more precarious position.

The only hope for our nation that I can see is for “We the People” to remember who our wise forefathers gave the responsibility for governing to – “we the people.”

They established three branches of government creating checks and balances.

What concerns me is how often our president circumvents Congress and issues “executive orders” to do whatever he wants. I believe this is a very dangerous practice and our freedom stands in great jeopardy.

It never seems to occur to him that he doesn’t possess all knowledge or that a Congress elected by the people might know something or maybe even are representing the wishes of those who elect them.

Congress is no better. They spend money with no regard to consequences. When a duly-elected congressman or woman offer ideas that might cut the budget and the deficit, they are accused of all sorts of things.

We are all going to have to sacrifice or we won’t have a country.

Recently we heard about $16 muffins and $8 coffee and expensive dinners. As a grandmother raising grandchildren on Social Security, I could feed my family for a day or more for the price of one muffin and cup of coffee. A dozen muffins would pay my electric bill.

I realize entertaining is part of the job description, but a little discretion would at least acknowledge what a difficult time so many people are having.

If we want to change things, let’s stop sending politicians to Washington and start sending teachers, farmers, grandparents raising grandchildren (there are many of us), people who know how to cut costs just to survive, people of integrity and courage.

We hear fresh voices rise and we see them vilified and become fodder for late night comedians.

Why do people like Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin rise so quickly and then fall after the news media gets hold of them?

Could it be “we the people” are looking for people who will hear our concerns, at least, and try to address them? When we find they have feet of clay, we start looking again.

This election cycle, we need to find the people who are willing to stand for their core beliefs but extend the hand of cooperation and respect to the other side and really listen and be willing to compromise for the good of our country.

Forget party and favors to their supporters and just do the right thing.

Do moral issues matter?

I saw an AARP (I think) commercial stating there were 50 million seniors who vote and we don’t want our Social Security taken.

The number caught my attention. My generation chose not to hear the silent scream of 50 million plus babies who were killed in the safety of their mothers’ wombs, their only crime, their birth was inconvenient.

Do we really believe a government, who actively supports the killing of the unborn, is going to care what happens to our elderly when we become a liability.

I believe these election cycles become more important to our way of life each time.

I believe we need to bathe them in prayer, find out for ourselves where they stand on the issues important to us and vote.

More important, we need to turn back to our Creator our forefathers knew and return to the old paths that made our nation great.

Madeline Duncan

Eubank, KY 42567