Commonwealth Journal

October 4, 2011

Enjoyed Nancy Homecoming

Commonwealth Journal

Nancy — Dear Editor:

Every two years Nancy High School holds a homecoming for anyone who attended, worked, or taught at Nancy High. The school closed in 1981.

On Saturday, October 1, several hundred people braved cool, windy weather and gathered at Pulaski County Park. A number of us travelled hundreds of miles to attend.

It is a time of remembrance, reflection, recalling dreams and hopes, and renewing acquaintances (catching up on what has been happening in each other's lives-whether it has been two years or over 50 since you last saw each other).

Thankfully, name tags help avoid embarrassment when you fail to recognize someone you had known well. Occasionally you may meet someone that you had forgotten entirely until your memory was jogged. It may be hours later that your mind puts together who they were and brings back your memories of them.

Some of the NHS alumni have travelled the world—others have rarely left Pulaski County. Some have made fortunes—others have not been so fortunate. Some have gained fame and recognition—others have lived quiet unassuming lives.

But on this first Saturday in October we are all glad to see each other and renew friendships long dormant. It was great to have attended a small school where you knew everyone in your class, almost everyone in the classes ahead of you, and many in the classes under yours. Many of us were disappointed that some schoolmates that we wanted to see were not there.

Everyone seemed to enjoy stepping back in time and reliving a happy four years of more than three decades ago. Hopefully the volunteers who work hard to keep this biannual event going will continue their good work. I will keep attending "as long as the Good Lord's willing and the creeks don't rise."

Gene McFall

Nancy High School Class of 1954

Tallahassee, Fla.