Commonwealth Journal

December 15, 2011

Deputy Holds the Key to Relief

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset —     Editors Note: The author has requested we share this letter to Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood with our readers.

Dear Sheriff Wood:

It was a dark and rainy night that greeted Sandy and I as we left Colo church on a recent Sunday evening.

We had been driving a rental car because our new vehicle was to be in service for a week or more. The rental car had a list of gadgets of which we knew little about any of them. I had left my keys in my outer jacket coat purposely and left it on the car seat as I was not needing the extra coat inside the church.

After the services we were to find that the car doors were all locked securely and were to discover that the new rental had a safety feature in the vehicle if the keys were left inside after a predetermined time this would occur. We were fortunately to be able to hitch a ride in the downpour with our pastor (David Harmon and wife, Lynn) to our home one-half mile away.

I then called the 800 number for the auto rental agency and advised them of the situation. I was told that because of being a Sunday night there would be a cash fee of over $80 to unlock the car...that is if a locksmith could be located. Contacting that company’s supervision, I was given the same story.

The car was in a spot along the road way and due to the thefts in the area I felt the necessity of getting the car mobile and securing it in our locked garage. In desperation I then contacted the dispatcher at your department, advise her of the situation and within 20 minutes a deputy was in our drive way to assist me.

The deputy’s name was Danny Pevley and over the past years I recognized him from many of the accident scenes I have been in attendance through WLVFD of which I assist as a firefighter.

Before I was able to exit the squad car deputy Pevley was to have the rental unit open! I’d estimate 10-12 seconds!

Deputy Pevley was to leave as quickly as he arrived and almost did not have a chance to thank him. The deed for Deputy Pevley may have seemed to be just part of the job to him but for us was to be most appreciated.

Oh, yes, one more thing ... he did not wear a white hat, and his squad was a mid-tan in color.

Due to the modem technology, this is the first time ever that I have been locked out of our personal auto. And it will be the last!

In today’s world few recognize the “above and beyond” that your department gives in this county, we just want you to know we do.

Sincerely yours,

Cliff and Sandy Steele

Somerset, KY