Commonwealth Journal

January 25, 2012

Act of Kindness Appreciated

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Dear Editor:

Santa Claus does not always wear a red suit and a red hat with white fur, neither does he have soot on his clothes from the chimney.

I was taken on a shopping trip to Kmart. I only needed a few items but to save a trip to the bank, I requested $10 cash over my purchase. The bank denied my request.

It was not a money problem but an address ID problem.

My section of my street had been changed to another name; however, a bit embarrassing.

The checkout lines were long, full of customers.

I walked outside the store to wait for my bus. A lady came up to me and put something in my hand and said “Merry Christmas.”

She had given me a $5 bill and four ones. By the time I got over the shock, she was getting in her sleigh, leaving the parking lot.

I was wiping my tears.

By the time I returned home and related about Santa finding me, some thought I had developed.

This was a big sale at Kmart; however, nothing on sale could equal the pleasure and surprise of Santa finding me.

I must reciprocate by returning the kindness and to pass it on.

Keep it going!

Lillian Burgin

Somerset, KY. 42501