Commonwealth Journal

December 15, 2011

‘Real Hope Comes from Change’

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Dear Editor:

There is one light in all the political darkness. We are being forced to look for long-term answers to America’s future by searching for truth amid all the spin that the two parties throw at us. There are both Republican and Democrat politicians who want to continue out of control spending as a matter of attaining power and wealth for themselves. But very few politicians who want to make sacrifices and risk their power and wealth.

I think there is agreement among hard-working Americans that we must reduce our national debt and cut government spending.

Real hope comes from change. Changing the way we label ourselves in political thinking.

There are only two groups of people in this extremely divided country. (1) Progressives – those who want to move toward a more powerful and controlling central government through taxation and regulation. And (2) those who think Big Government equals corruption and less freedom.

Distraction from being concerned for the future comes from the use of smoke and mirrors by both parties.

Certain politicians work to preserve the established order because of their own ambitions. They are constantly presenting crisis concerns to get you to look at the moment instead of the future. Become a “Traditionalist” instead of a “Democrat”/“Republican.”

As a traditionalist insist that those you support and vote for have traditional views of the following:

(1) They support and have worked for a balanced budget. They work to erase the national debt and make sacrifices in spending and earmarks.

(2) They support the Constitution and work to reduce regulations and government intrusion into people’s lives.

(3) They remove themselves from undue influence and limit contributions that are obscene.

(4). They work for real transparency in government. All meetings open to press and posting reports of all activities to constituents in media. Also provide complete disclosure of financial status.

(5) They emphasize goals to preserve the Constitution, the economy and individual freedom.

(6) They return to old budget concepts. Each department’s budget is limited, based on available funds, departments that find ways of cutting budgets are rewarded in a frugal manner. The government’s budgets have never reflected gains in efficiency caused by automation, as evidenced by the continuous increase in budgets over the years.

These are just some of the areas that need attention for our future, our kids, grandkids and all future generations. Re-label as a traditionalist. Ignore political spin and emotional appeals from politicians.

Keep your eye on the real goal “The Future of America”.

Kenneth Creekmore

Somerset, KY 42503