Commonwealth Journal

September 22, 2011

Reader ‘fired up’ about library tax increase

Commonwealth Journal

— Dear Editor:

After reading the CJ story on tax increases, I was fired up.

Does the slogan, “Taxed Enough Already” resonate with anyone?

Are you sick and tired of never-ending tax increases? Especially by a taxing district that does not answer to the voters. I consider it anarchy.

Ordinary citizens, when faced with less revenue coming into their households, tighten their belts and adjust their spending. When government agencies and taxing districts are faced with budget constraints, they look for more revenue (taxes) from taxpayers.

I recently heard a county judge from another county tell how he cut expenses over $300,000 by examining every bill that came in to his office. He examined in great detail every utility bill and found overcharges and bogus charges. He streamlined phone systems, and he re-priced insurance coverage. He cut office expenses and jail expenses. He sold surplus equipment and reduced staff. He made the electric company show him every meter he was being charged for. In other words, he ran the county like he would a private business ... efficiently.

I would guess that he turned the thermostats up in summer and down in winter.

By careful examination of every invoice and bill, he saved enough to reduce taxes in his county.

My question is, has the Extension service and library looked, really looked, at reducing overhead and administration expense?

Have they examined their expenses with an ownership mentality?

Spending OPM (other people’s money) is easy, but eventually you run out.

Seniors are stuck with fixed incomes. They did not receive a COLA raise on their Social Security the last two years. They face higher food and gasoline prices. And now these proposed tax increases! Seniors are also receiving reduced interest rates on their savings.

I believe this is the second library tax increase in recent years.

Folks, the citizens are in an uproar! The TEA party has awakened a sleeping giant. Spending and tax increases have hit an all-time high and we aren’t going to stand for it.

Let’s see, we pay federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, sales tax, property tax, vehicle tax, tax on all our utilities, including cell phones, cigarette tax, gasoline tax and on and on.

About the only thing the government doesn’t tax is sex and if they could figure a way to implement that, they would!

Fiscal court members wring their hands and complain they have no authority over these special taxing districts.

Have they researched the statutes?

I can tell you emphatically if I were a magistrate, I would have voted “NO.”

I know fiscal court didn’t set the increase, but they are culpable. Tell the taxing districts you are going to research the law. They can be altered or dissolved. Let them know that. Look for a solution.

It was reported that one magistrate said in the meeting: “We will be held accountable to the voters for this” even though these districts don’t answer to us. But, ultimately, they do. I don’t believe for a minute that there would’ve been a lawsuit if they all had voted no.

So, citizens of Pulaski County, do you want to protest this tax increase?

Do you want to be heard from?

Call me at 678-9296 or e-mail me at or contact me on Facebook. And we will organize a response. Put your frustration into action.


Thank you for allowing me to speak out.


Barbara Sanders

Somerset, KY 42503