Commonwealth Journal

October 31, 2012

Mill Springs to host ‘Ghost Walk’ on November 10

by Chris Harris
Commonwealth Journal

Somerset —  

Halloween is a great time to see ghosts, no doubt, but a more educational, less scary variety will be stepping out of the mists of the past next  week.
The Mill Springs Battlefield Association (MSBA) will be holding its annual “Ghost Walk” on November 10 on the historic Civil War grounds in far western Pulaski County.
MSBA director Karyn Branham described the Ghost Walk as is a family-friendly event that brings to life the events a person might have seen during the Battle of Mill Springs in dramatic form, with reenactors portraying soldiers as they were at the time.
The Battle of Mill Springs, held on January 19, 1862, is considered the first Union victory of significance during the Civil War. Over 160 people were killed and more than 600 wounded or missing as a result of the battle.
Like many areas of great conflict and turmoil, the battlefield isn’t without its rumors of hauntings and the like.
“I’ve heard some people say they’ve felt different things there,” said Branham of any potential ghostly presences on the grounds. “I personally haven’t, but it’s probably just up to the individual.”
However, the Ghost Walk is not a ghost tour per se, in the sense that one is out looking for the supernatural.
“I wouldn’t expect to see anything like that,” she said. “Maybe if you’re receptive to this (kind of thing), I suppose.”
No, the “ghosts” in this case are the actors themselves, stepping out of the darkness to present almost otherworldly images, as if projected out of time.
“It’s supposed to have an eerie feeling,” said Branham. “It’s in the dark, we have it all lit up.
“It’s not about scaring people, really,” she added. “We take groups along, and you kind of get to see the story (of the battle).”
Formerly known as the Candlelight Tour to the Ghost Walk, it’s a yearly event that’s among the most well-attended held at the battlefield.
“It’s been growing since they changed the name,” said Branham, noting a typical draw of 300 to 400 people. “The Ghost Walk is slowly becoming one of our more popular events.”
Visitors will be escorted by an MSBA in their journey back through time, and Branham notes that you “never know who you might meet along the way.”
The MSBA Ghost Walk will be from 6-9 p.m. on Saturday, November 10. Cost is $3 per person, and $10 maximum for a family. MSBA Passports are accepted.