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January 6, 2014

Deep Freeze in Somerset: The Images

Staff Report
Commonwealth Journal

Heather Tomlinson photo
East Oak Street residents Bill Barnett and Tom McGeehan braved the frigid cold Monday to clear their walkways of ice and snow. The county’s school systems canceled classes on Monday, with closures anticipated Tuesday as well, and many residents bunkered down indoors to avoid the single-digit temperatures. Monday night’s lows were expected to get downright dangerous, with wind chill expected to be as much as negative 20 degrees. 
Ken Shmidheiser photo
Commonwealth Journal reporter Heather Tomlinson is shown throwing hot water into the bitterly cold air on Monday as part of an experiment to determining whether the air was cold enough to cause the water to freeze into tiny ice crystals. The experiment was (somewhat) of a success, as much of the water froze mid-air and was swept away by the wind. 
Chris Harris photos
Snow came down heavily Sunday night around 10 p.m., continuing into the night. Downtown streets were quickly blanketed with a heavy layer of the white stuff, which -- though nice and fluffy at the time -- turned slick by morning as temperatures continued to drop.