Commonwealth Journal

February 21, 2014

Bronston residents form group to battle annexation

by Bill Mardis
Commonwealth Journal

Bronston — Folks in the Bronston community apparently don’t want to be annexed; they seem to like the way things are.

Reacting to a hint that Burnside City Council might annex highway corridors all the way to the Wayne County line, residents of the Bronston community have formed an association they believe will keep Burnside, or anybody else, from annexing their community.

“We never want to be annexed ... we want to stay a small community,” said Cloa Hardy, one of six signers of the association’s articles.

Called the Bronston Community Association, articles describing boundaries and purposes of the association were filed January 21 with the Kentucky Secretary of State, Hardy said. The other signers are Dave Hall, Carter Stewart, Alvin Morrow, Jamie Davis and Allen Larkin.

Hardy described boundaries of the association’s territory as beginning at the bridge on Ky. 90 and extending west and southwest to the Wayne County line. Inside the boundary are Ky. 790 “ ... and all roads leading off 790,” Hardy said. Woodson Bend Resort is not in the association, she added.

Based on water meters serviced by Bronston Water Association, there are 1,200 meters in the association’s territory. Using an average of three water users per meter, 3,600 residents live in the association area, Hardy said.

Hardy emphasized formation of the association is not the same as incorporating a city. She says the organization is non-profit; it will not collect dues, levy taxes or elect city officials. “We may have some fundraisers to offset expenses of forming the association,” Hardy noted.

Burnside Mayor Ron Jones said Burnside City Council is not currently making any moves to annex territory in the Bronston community.

The mayor said he had requests to annex from four or five places along Ky. 90. The requests probably were because of Burnside’s “wet” status and the businesses may have hoped to be able to sell alcoholic beverages, Jones suggested.

“It was my duty to tell members of city council about the requests for annexation,” said Jones. “At the next council meeting, a few citizens of Bronston (Hardy said it was 100) came before the council objecting to annexations in Bronston.

“We were not talking about anything but annexing road corridors,” said Jones. Hardy said association status would not prohibit Burnside from annexing highway corridors.

At this point, because of questions about allocations of alcohol licenses, Burnside City Council has not moved to annex businesses in the Bronston area that have requested annexation, Jones said.

The Commonwealth Journal has not seen documents that govern Bronston Community Association. The group’s attorney, Larry G. Bryson, London, has not returned a telephone call requesting information. A spokeswoman at the Secretary of State’s office, said something to the effect: “We file ‘em but we don’t explain ‘em.” The Legislative Research Commission offered KRS citations for incorporating a city (not applicable) but none for forming a community association. “We are not allowed to give opinions or be quoted,” according to an LRC spokesman.