Commonwealth Journal

August 23, 2013

Redistricting should be complete Friday

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — House and Senate redistricting bills are moving rapidly through both chambers of the General Assembly and are expected to be approved by noon today (Friday). The two bills will be combined into one with an emergency clause and may be signed by Gov. Steve Beshear before the end of the day.

Realignment of the senatorial districts drastically changes the 15th District of which Pulaski County is a part. Top two-thirds of the district territory was swung clockwise to the north, embracing Lincoln and Boyle counties, and, to the west, Casey, Russell and Adair counties were moved from the 15th District.

The new 15th Senatorial District – Pulaski, Lincoln and Boyle counties – represented by Chris Girdler, R-Somerset, has approximately 110,000 people.

Under the new House realignment, Pulaski County ended up split four ways instead of five. A sliver of Democrat Terry Mills’ 24th District – currently Ansel, Buncombe, Mt. Zion, Eubank and Fall Branch – was moved; Ansel, Buncombe, Mt. Zion and Eubank to the 80th District, represented by David Meade, and Fall Branch to the 83rd District, represented by Jeff Hoover. The 24th District will no longer extends into Pulaski County.

Under the new realignment, parts of House Districts, including precincts, that make up Pulaski County are:

Part of the 52nd District represented by Ken Upchurch of Monticello – Okolona No. 16, E Naomi No. 44, Somerset No. 5D, Burnside County No. 36A, Bourbon West No. 10W, South Burnside County No. 36S, West Burnside County No. 36W and Bronston North No. 38.

Part of the 80th District represented by David Meade of Stanford – Somerset 5B, Saline North, Somerset No. 3B, Girdler No. 12, Ansel No. 21, Buncombe No. 24, Somerset No. 1, Somerset No. 3A, Mt. Zion No. 47, Eubank No. 25, Estesburg No. 26, Somerset No. 2, Somerset No. 4A, Somerset No. 4B, Somerset No. 6, Somerset No. 5A, Ferguson No. 8, Somerset No. 5E and Somerset No. 4C.

Part of the 83th District represented by Jeff Hoover of Jamestown – Nancy No. 15, Harrison No. 17, Firebrook No. 11F, Saline South, W Naomi No. 44, Hickory Nut No. 19 and Fall Branch No. 18.

Part of the 85th District represented by Tommy Turner of Pulaski County – Science Hill No. 22, Science Hill No. 23, Caney Fork No. 13, Price No. 27, Goodhope No. 28, Hazeldell No. 29, Vaught No. 43, Catron No. 31, Dallas No. 45, Somerset No. 3C, Rush Branch No. 14, Parker No. 9, Mark No. 30, Bourbon East No. 10E, Mayfield No. 32, Mt. Victory No. 33, Colo No. 35, Gilliland No. 40, Somerset No. 5C, Burnside City No. 36, North Burnside City No. 36N, East Burnside County No. 36E, Gamblin No. 37, Bronston No. 38, and Sloans Valley No. 39.

With Mills’ district no longer extending into Pulaski County, all House members representing a part of Pulaski County are Republicans. Turner is the only House member who resides in Pulaski County.

Each House district, in its totality, has about 43,800 people.