Commonwealth Journal

August 9, 2013

Alleged road-rage shooter pleads not guilty

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — The man accused of shooting a truck driver last week during an alleged incident of road rage has pleaded not guilty.

Troy McAninch, 23, of Stanford, Ky., has been charged with first-degree assault, a felony offense, following the events that took place last Thursday at the intersection of Ky. 914 and Ky. 1247.

McAninch was arrested and charged with shooting Luster Rose, 54, of Parkers Lake, Ky. According to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, Rose was driving a semi-truck behind McAninch’s vehicle in such a way that infuriated the defendant.

McAninch got out of his car while at a stoplight and approached the truck. Rose stepped out carrying a wooden club to confront McAninch, according to the sheriff’s office, and an altercation followed, in which McAninch allegedly produced a handgun and fire four times at Rose.

The victim was flown to the University of Kentucky Medical Center for treatment. The most recent condition that was available on him, according to Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood, was that Rose was in critical but stable condition.

Ousley noted that if the victim were to die, a grand jury would have the option of indicting McAninch on a different crime, including potentially a murder charge.

McAninch was arraigned August 2 in Pulaski District Court, and entered a plea of not guilty. His bond was set for $25,000, cash or property, and that bond has been posted in the form of equity (which had to be at least double the $25,000 figure).

Ousley said that McAninch is being represented by attorney Kenton Lanham.

On Wednesday, McAninch appeared in court for a preliminary hearing, wherein his attorney waived the right to such a hearing.

Ousley said that the Commonwealth put on record that they would take the opportunity sit down with the defendant and defense attorney prior to indictment, and talk about the case prior to McAninch potentially being indicted.

McAninch’s next court appearance is scheduled for October.