Commonwealth Journal

July 30, 2013

Tim Price announces candidacy for clerk

by Bill Mardis
Commonwealth Journal

Somerset —

A second candidate-to-be has announced his intention to seek the office of Pulaski county clerk. The office will become vacant when incumbent County Clerk Ralph Troxtell’s retirement is effective at the end of 2014. 
Tim Price, currently serving as deputy county clerk at the Somerset Mall branch office, responded “absolutely” when asked if he would be a candidate for county clerk next year. Price finished second in a five-candidate GOP primary contest for county clerk in 2006. Price got 3,109 votes, short of Troxtell’s nominating total of 4,660. In addition to serving as deputy county clerk, Price owns a small used car lot at his home at 170 Coal Pit Road.
Linda Burnett, a de-puty county clerk for 28 years, announced her in-tention to run for county clerk the day following Troxtell’s announce-ment that he would not seek a third term.
Troxtell succeeded Trudy Denham who won the office after longtime county clerk Willard Hansford retired. Denham served one term and decided not to run again. She immediately endorsed Troxtell as her successor. 
No endorsement was made “at this time” when Troxtell made his retirement announcement last week. He won his current term in 2010 by defeating Lana Crawford.
Election fever, already an undercurrent crescendo, is just a tip of the iceberg on the surface at this point. All local offices –– county judge-executive, magistrates, constables, sheriff, jailer, PVA, mayors, councilors, commissioners  and some school board members –– all are up for election next year. Candidates will be coming out of the woodwork.
Incumbent Judge-executive Barty Bullock has said he will seek a third term. Steve Kelley, a former Somerset city councilor who finished a close second in the 2010 GOP primary for judge-executive, is already asking for votes.   
Veteran Pulaski Circuit Clerk George Flynn is being mentioned as a possible candidate for county judge but Flynn has said “some of my best friends” want me to continue as circuit clerk. At last conversation, Flynn sounded as if he will stay put. A circuit clerk for a quarter of a century, Flynn was elected to a new six-year term last year.
Rick Girdler, a Somerset insurance agent, says he would love to serve as county judge and says he is thinking about getting in the race. Former judge-executive Darrell BeShears is toying with the idea and promises to reveal his plans soon. 
All of the aforementioned are Republicans. Charles Alan Carrender ran four years ago as an independent and says if a viable Democratic candidate doesn’t get in the contest, he will change his registration and file as a Democrat. If a strong Democratic candidate emerges, Carrender says he will run again as an independent.
Allen Price, chair of the Pulaski County Democratic Party, told the Commonwealth Journal recently that at this point he is not aware of any Democratic candidates for major local offices.
There is a lot of buzz about the mayor’s office in Somerset. Mayor Eddie Girdler has said he definitely will seek a third term. The “strong” candidate who some say will try to unseat him has yet to appear. Somerset city councilors, who must adhere to a January 28 filing deadline, also are up for election or reelection.
In case you haven’t heard, Mitch McConnell doesn’t believe in term limits.. Hal Rogers is a sure bet to go back to Congress, but the “Ditch Mitch” folks are pinning their hopes on Alison Lundergan Grimes.
November 6 is the first date potential candidates during the 2014 election cycle may file for office. Most major candidates have until January 28 to file. Independents, small city and school board candidates have an August filing deadline.