Commonwealth Journal

February 16, 2014

Childhood best friends continue football dream

Cheuvront to join Jumper teammate Will Lange at prestigious Davidson College

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Lifelong neighbors and best friends since childhood, Cam Cheuvront and Will Lange were inseparable.

Whether it was on Lake Cumberland Youth Football League‚Äątrips to Florida or Saturday night sleepovers, the two young Briar Jumpers’ lives have always centered around football.

Teammates as Eagles in the LCYFL, to members of the middle school state champion team at Meece Middle School, to playing in four consecutive state high school football semifinal games for Somerset High School – Cam Cheuvront and Will Lange have lived the football dream in the days of their youth.

Now, the two young men will get to continue on that dream at the collegiate level as both signed to play football for Davidson College.

“Will and I have been best friends since first grade,” Cheuvront said. “He’s always been like a brother to me. We live really close to each other, and we used to walk to each other’s houses everyday.”

Living close together and playing on the same teams, have made the two super talented athletes extremely competitive – especially against each other.

“Cam has always been a fun kid who made the miserably hot and tough practices that much easier just by being around,” Lange said with a laugh. “Whether it’s having fun competitively in drills and seeing who can make the other whiff trying to tackle each other or by trying to burn each other on a fake slant route deep fades – that fun competition has made us better.”

Both were blessed with speed. Cheuvront was smaller but more deceptive, which made for a natural receiver. Lange was stronger and more rugged, which made him an ideal running back.

Their unique talents were a great combination for any team to have on a football field. So much so, the LCYFL deemed it an unfair advantage to have both on the same team.

"We won the LCYFL championship in our first year playing for the Eagles, and then the next year they made us be on opposite teams for some strange reason,” Lange said with a laugh.

But that early football separation sparked an ‘on-going’ coemptiveness against one another that exists to this day.

“In the LCYFL we battled for the MVP of the Week, every week,” Cheuvront recalled. “I would get it one week and Will would get it the next week. We did that the whole season. Then, our dads drove us to Florida every year together to play with the Vikings and it was a nice bond.”

Their experience together as kids formed a friendship, their experiences together on the gridiron has formed a brotherhood.

“Will is a great teammate and a even better friend,” Cheuvront said. “As a kid, I dreamed of playing basketball for Kentucky. But I think it is more of a dream to play D1 college football with my best friend – Will Lange.”

For the next four years, Cam Cheuvront and Will Lange will continue to chase their dreams side-by-side.