Commonwealth Journal

February 16, 2013

Lady Maroons fall to Boyle Co., 74-58

By HEATHER BOATMAN, CJ Correspondent
Commonwealth Journal

— Friday night was the Lady Maroons last game of the regular season, Pulaski played Boyle County at home. The Lady Rebels came out of this one with the win 74-58.

“We didn’t play defense once again,” stated coach Brian Miller. “You look at their score tonight and they got 74, they scored anytime they wanted.”

The Lady Maroons have been struggling on the defensive end for most of the second half of this season. In Pulaski’s last 10 games they have only won three of them and they have given up more than 70 points in four of those 10.

“They didn’t play all that good of defense either we shot several layups too,” Coach Miller began. “We just had way too many breakdowns defensively.”

In the first quarter the Lady Maroons gave up three threes to Boyle but only found their selves down one at the end of the period. Senior Brittany Warren scored 15 of the teams 19 points of the quarter. Pulaski trailed 20-19 at the end of one.

“We tried to play about 10 different defenses tonight just throwing anything at them but Boyle would just walk through it,” stated Miller. “If we pressed they walked through it, if we set up in a two-three zone they walked through it and got a layup.”

In the second quarter the Lady Maroons gave up three threes again. Pulaski couldn’t stop Hannah Harris from Boyle who hit three threes and ended the game with 22 points. At the end of the second Boyle led by seven, 39-32. With neither team putting up much an effort defensively the score at the half was high for a high school girls game.

“We have to do a better job on the defensive end and we only have five days to do something,” Miller stated. “It hasn’t been about our offense all year its been about how we play defense.”

In the third quarter the Lady Maroons started to hit a couple threes hitting two in the quarter contributed by Andrea Jenkins and Haley Warren. At the end of the third Pulaski was down 10, 55-45.

The Lady Rebels started the fourth quarter off with two layups and a pair of free throws making their lead 16. The Lady Maroons were able to cut it down to single digits early in the period. Eight-point deficit was as close as Pulaski could cut it. Boyle County won by 16, 74-58 was your final score.

The Lady Maroons have ended their regular season with a record of 12-17, not the record Miller and his crew were expecting for their veteran squad. The Lady Maroons are the bottom seed in the 47th District playing Casey County on Thursday Night at Somerset High School to start the tournament. In the two times the Lady Maroons have met up with Casey they split the series each grabbing a win.

“We still have five days to prepare for Casey,” stated Miller. “We are going to try some different things but it doesn’t matter right now what we try to do we have to get better defensively and that’s all about heart.”


PC 19 13 13 13 –  58

BC 20 19 16 19 — 74


Pulaski County: Brittany Warren 27, Haley Warren 12, Correll 8, Howard 4, Perkins 4, Jenkins 3

Boyle County: Hannah Harris 22, Gill 21, Smith 11, Holton 8, Foster 4, Hall 3, Emmie Harris 3, Bishop 1, Bottoms 1