Commonwealth Journal

March 30, 2013

Pulaski County slides by Berea, 7-6, after surrendering lead

By HEATHER BOATMAN, CJ Correspondent
Commonwealth Journal

Somerset —  

The Lady Maroons slid past the Lady Pirates from Berea 7-6 on Friday night, after giving up a 5-0 lead in the second inning.
“I was pleased that the girls didn’t give up and came back to get the lead again,” stated coach Kevin Mckee. “The girls have to start showing a little more heart! They almost let this one get away from them.”
Senior Sarah Howard was on the mound for the Lady Maroons. Howard was able the throw nine strikeouts in the victory. Berea had six errors in the loss but the Lady Maroons managed to have three of their own. Luckily, Pulaski’s weren’t as costly.
In the first inning, the Lady Maroons defense allowed no hits or base runners as Howard struck out two batters. The last batter hit a ground ball to first baseman Taylor Brock, who was able to make the easy play at first.
Unfortunately, the Lady Pirates also displayed good defense by striking out Pulaski’s leadoff batter Jessica Foster. Berea also got out the next two in the line up by fielding their hits and making the out at first.
In the second inning, the Lady Maroons kept up their strong defense, Howard and crew still didn’t allow any base runners.  When Pulaski stepped up to the plate they were at the strong part of their line up with their “clean up batter” up first.
Makayla Blevins was the number four batter for the Lady Maroons but she was thrown out at first. Brock was next, and she hit a ball to the third baseman who made an error and over threw the first baseman. Brock was safe at first.
The next batter was Alyssa Madden and she popped one up to the left fielder. Junior Kelsey Lorman was next up, she singled off and error also. Batting sixth in the line up was Makayla Bryant who was walked. With two outs and bases loaded eighth grader Taryn Davis was up. With a full count on Davis, she patiently waited for the right pitch but was walked before she got it. Brock scored the first run for the Lady Maroons.  
Pulaski returned to the top of the lineup with Foster, she hit the ball out to deep leftfield and managed to get a double out of it knocking in Lorman and Bryant. Emily Evans also doubled and Foster was able to score off the hit. Howard got the last out for the Lady Maroons, the score was 5-0 at the end of the inning.
In the third inning Howard struck out three batters but not before her and Lady Maroons gave up a run. Howard walked the eighth batter in the lineup. The ninth batter singled and when Berea returned to the top of the lineup Howard struck out the leadoff. The Pirates were able to double off an error by Davis and score a run. Howard ended the inning with another strikeout. Berea seemed to have fixed their problems defensively and ended the inning 5-1.
“In the second inning we were aggressive at the plate and we attacked the ball,” Coach Mckee stated. “It seemed like we thought after we got those five runs, we thought we didn’t have to work any more.”
In the fourth inning Pulaski started off by giving up a single run homerun. Their troubles didn’t end there, as two batters later the Lady Maroons allowed a triple. The base runner was able to score off a wild pitch. Pulaski got the next batter out. The Lady Maroons were not able to get anything done offensively as the first three batters of the inning all got out.
Pulaski returned the favor by getting out the first three batters of the fifth inning. The first two batters for the Lady Maroons got thrown out at first. Howard was able to single off a Berea error, curtsey runner for her was Riley Burton. Blevins ended the inning by hitting a pop fly to right field, and the score at the end of five was the score was 5-3.
“We started to get passive and started to swing at balls that were out of the strike zone,” Mckee said. “We didn’t put our heads down when we got behind we stayed focused and pulled out the victory.”
In the sixth inning, the Lady Pirates went to work scoring three of their six runs on Pulaski. Berea first got on base when sophomore Kaylee Wilson made the error of misjudging the ball and allowed a single. Howard walked the next batter.
The seventh batter was struck out, but because Blevins dropped the ball, the batter was able to safely make it to first and load the bases. With the bases loaded, Berea was able to score three runs off two singles. The Lady Pirates took the lead at the top of the sixth 6-5.
When the Lady Maroons got a chance to regain the lead with their turn to bat, they did just that. Brock was first up and hit a ball that was fielded by the third baseman and Brock was out at first.
Madden was next up and Berea walked her, her curtsey runner was Emily Rodgers. The Lady Pirates also walked Lorman immediately after Madden. While Bryant was up to bat, Berea’s catcher over threw the pitcher and the ball rolled to the shortstop who caught Rodgers not paying attention and off the base, she was tagged out.
Bryant was able to get a double and knock Lorman home for the tie. Davis was the Lady Maroons ninth batter but she was able to single and send Bryant home taking the lead back from Berea 7-6.
In the seventh inning, the Lady Maroons just had to hold onto their lead, which they were able to do. Howard walked the first batter of the line up but was able to strike out the next. The third batter of the inning was the Lady Pirates clean up batter. Earlier in the game she had hit a homerun, she this a ground ball to Wilson at second who threw her out at first. Howard struck the next batter out to win the game7-6.
The Lady Maroons advance to 3-1-1, a tie coming from Wayne County when the game was called because of darkness. Pulaski will be retuning to action Tuesday, traveling to Bardstown.
B: 0 0 1 2 0 3 0 6
PC: 0 5 0 0 2 X 7
WP: Howard
LP: Jenny Ingram
RBI: Berea 2 Ingram, Sheafer; Pulaski 5 Foster, Evans, Davis