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June 17, 2013

Another big turnout for 16th annual Cool Run

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Murfreesboro, Tennessee, native David Justus felt right at home in Somerset, Kentucky on Saturday evening, as he cruised to victory in the Somerset 5K Cool Run and Walk at the Rocky Hollow Recreation Center.

Justus, a 25-year-old from the Volunteer State, outlasted 176 other runners to claim the first-place trophy in the race’s 16th edition. Justus’ winning time was 17:02.

Pulaski County High School cross country and track standout Mason Blevins claimed the runner-up spot, as he ran the 3.1-mile race in a time of 17:33. Somerset residents Tyler Adams (fourth place) and Cory Owens (fifth place) both finished inside the top five.

Sharon Ronch, who finished seventh in the overall standings, was the overall female winner. Ronch, a 24-year-old of Columbia, had a clocking of 19:50.

12-year-old Devin Mayfield and 18-year-old Paige Ingram, who were each the top runners in their respective age categories, finished 21st and 23rd, respectively.

Mark Hamm, a 41-year-old resident of Somerset, was the master male winner in the race. Hamm covered the course in a time of 21:16.

Mount Vernon’s James Bullen was the grandmaster male recipient in the run. The 51-year-old crossed the finish line in a time of 22:17.

Debbie Carrington, who coaches both cross country and track at Southwestern High School, was the master female winner. Carrington, age 41, finished the 16th annual Cool Run in a time of 24:11.

The grandmaster female winner was Jean Campbell, age 63. Campbell’s time was 27:44.

Jackson Stogsdill, a six-year-old, was the youngest runner to complete the race, while 71-year-old Jimmy Gilbert was the oldest racer.

There were a total of 177 runners and walkers that completed the entire race on Saturday night.

2013 Cool Run

Top Finishers

  1   372  David Justus               M25  Murfreesboro, TN             17:02.00      

    2   309  Mason Blevins              M17  Science Hill, KY             17:33.00     

    3   365  Layne Gaynor               M19  London, KY                   19:04.00      

    4   378  Tyler Adams                M23  Somerset, KY                 19:10.00      

    5   401  Cory Owens                 M18  Ferguson, KY                 19:10.00      

    6   478  Chase McCord               M18  Raleigh, NC                  19:36.00      

    7   488  Sharon Ronoh               W24  Columbia, KY                 19:50.00      

    8   455  Austin Hyden               M16  Somerset, KY                 20:14.00     

    9   380  David Hays                 M32  London, KY                   20:24.00      

   10   348  Morgan Stevens             M17  Somerset, KY                 20:57.00     

   11   313  River Duncan               M17  Pine Knot, KY                21:15.00      

   12   324  Mark Hamm                  M41  Somerset, KY                 21:16.00      

   13   301  Miguel Roque               M18  Somerset, KY                 21:35.00      

   14   468  Jason Harmon               M35  Somerset, KY                 21:44.00      

   15   350  Sage Evans                 M19  Albany, KY                   21:50.00      

   16   347  Frank England              M18  Albany, KY                   22:05.00      

   17   412  Zachary West               M14  Monticello, KY               22:09.00      

   18   304  James Bullen               M51  Mt. Vernon, KY               22:11.00      

   19   474  Nathaniel Dalton           M15  Eubank, KY                   22:19.00      

   20   358  Frank Carrington           M46  Somerset, KY                 22:21.00      

   21   461  Devin Mayfield             W12  Somerset, KY                 22:28.00     

   22   340  Harper Smith               M52  Frankfort, KY                22:47.00      

   23   490  Paige Ingram               W18  Crab Orchard, KY             23:01.00      

   24   475  George Gill                M56  Somerset, KY                 23:09.00      

   25   342  Charissa Phelps            W32  Science Hill, KY             23:14.00      

   26   422  Larry Ellison              M34  Somerset, KY                 23:43.00      

   27   485  Jessie Adams               M44  Somerset, KY                 23:44.00      

   28   315  J C McCullah               M15  Strunk, KY                   23:45.00      

   29   443  Rick Caffee                M52  Louisville, KY               23:47.00      

   30   353  Jeff Parmelee              M47  Somerset, KY                 23:48.00