Commonwealth Journal

March 7, 2013

Trent Massey inks with Campbellsville

Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — Southwestern High School senior Trent Massey recently announced that he would be playing football at the next level, as he signed with Campbellsville University before friends and family in the Warriors Fieldhouse.

Over the past two years, Southwestern High School senior  Trent Massey has done a lot of things for the Warriors’ football program.

Last season, Massey was a big part of the Warriors’ lines as he doubled between defensive tackle and offensive guard. This past season, Massey played on both sides of the ball and he served as a team leader for the younger players.

“The two years I have coached here, Trent has been solid on the line and he has been real big for us as a team leader,” Southwestern head football coach Andy Stephens said. “He has played guard for us and he played defensive tackle this past season.

“We asked him to play about every snap of the football this season,” Stephens added. “He turned out to be a good leader for us. Of course, his senior year didn’t turn out maybe the way he wanted it to, but he worked hard and did a lot of good things for us. He had a lot of young guys around him and he did a good job of getting those players ready to play and he pushed them to help us get a little better.”

 “Our defense was really young, and Trent really led that squad,” Stephens concluded. “Best of all, the younger kids looked up to Trent. When things got really tough, the younger kids turned to Trent for guidance. Trent still talks to those younger kids today, and they all still look for his leadership.”

Massey looked back in fondness of the success of his Warrior 2011 regional championship team, and his role as a team leader for the 2012 Warrior football team.

“Winning the region my junior year was something I will never forget, I made some great friends in my teammates and I had some of the best times ever in that Warrior uniform,” Massey said.

“Being a senior leader this year changed my life,” Massey stated. “It changed me as a player and it changed me as a person. It is kind of like having a bunch of little followers and they are all a shadow of me.”

Massey’s high school coach sees even greater things for his star lineman at the next level of his career.

 “At the college level, Trent should be able to play on either side of the ball,” Stephens explained. “I don’t think the Campbellsville coaching staff knows where they are going to use him as a guard or a defensive tackle or end. Trent has good strength and has been working hard in the weight room. Campbellsville is young and I think Trent will have a good opportunity to play his freshman year, and I am looking forward to see that.”

For Massey, he looks at his experience on the high school playing field and being part of a Warrior regional championship program as preparation for him on his new journey.

“I think what I did at Southwestern prepared me for the next level in football,” Massey said. “I think my leadership role this season and the success we had as a team last season has made me a complete player.”