You may have caught Thursday night’s “CBS Evening News” broadcast — but you might not have realized that, at one point, you were listening to the voice of a hometown hero.

F-16 Fighter Pilot Major Todd Wiles, son of David and Nancy Wiles of Pulaski County, could be heard communicating plane-to-plane with a CBS reporter during the show’s segment called “Fueling the Air Force.”

“He didn’t know he was going to be interviewed (until the last minute),” Nancy explained.

“He just went to refuel, and when he got there, they said, ‘We’ve got a CBS reporter on board. Can he talk to you?’”

Todd e-mailed his family early Thursday to tell them he might be on the news later that evening.

Todd has spent time in Korea and Iraq, but is now stationed closer to home in South Carolina.

“We talk to him every few days,” Nancy said.

Even though the Wiles family is accustomed to hearing Todd’s voice, they were “proud of his answers,” Nancy said.

The segment shows only a brief exchange between Todd and the reporter, and while his F-16 can be seen, his face is not visible. CBS also did not identify him in any way.

“I wish they had asked him where he was from,” David said.

Todd told the reporter he was filling up with 3,000 pounds of fuel — which translates to about 500 gallons. His plane will use 28 gallons per minute.

The reporter asked if that qualified Todd’s F-16 as a “gas guzzler.”

“All for freedom,” Todd replied.

David said he recorded Thursday’s broadcast.

“It will be good for his children to see someday,” he said.

“Todd loves flying,” his mother said.

“It’s something he’s always wanted to do — since he was a little boy. And he’s always wanted to be a fighter pilot. I used to tell him, ‘There are other planes you could fly.’”

But Todd got his wish.

“He is living his dream,” his father said.

“When he comes home, he helps me on the farm. It’s difficult for him to work a tractor, but he can handle a $40 million F-16 just fine.”

Todd was nearly killed while he was in Iraq, and he was awarded a Bronze Star.

“He didn’t regret it,” Nancy said of Todd’s brush with death.

“He said, ‘Someone’s got to fight for our freedom.’”

“We need to support and appreciate all of our military,” David added.

“Someone has said that we’re the land of the free because of the brave.”

“Todd is very patriotic, but he loves Kentucky, and he wants to come home very badly,” Nancy said.

“He’s thinking about getting out of the Air Force. He’s been in it for 12 years now. The military is very hard on families.”

Todd and his wife, Dawn, have two daughters, and another baby is on the way.

David said his son is hoping to work for FedEx after he leaves the military.

The “Fueling the Air Force” segment can be viewed at

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