Officials within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services said Friday that they expected the troubled mental health facility in Somerset to receive yet another type A citation this weekend. The citation had not actually been received yet, but spokesperson Gwenda Bond confirmed that state officials had reason to believe the citation was on its way.

No precise details about the circumstances which led to the citation are available, but it is believed that it involves an Oakwood resident who is a guardian of the state — meaning that the responsible party for this resident is not his or her parents, but rather the Commonwealth of Kentucky — leaving campus grounds under inappropriate conditions.

Oakwood received a staggering 12 Type A citations in 2005. Just recently, a Plan of Correction was approved which officials hoped would take care of the conditions which led to those critical miscues which brought the facility to the brink of shutting down. But this first citation of 2006 — getting the new year off to a less than ideal start — has thrown several key figures in Oakwood management into action.

Secretary of Health and Family Services Mark Birdwhistell said that Liberty Healthcare, the independent management firm from Pennsylvania brought in to help centralize leadership at the facility, would have some of its “high-level management” at Oakwood throughout the weekend because of this latest incident, and additional state officials would be on-hand as well. Additionally, the new Facility Director, Bob Ritz, would be arriving a couple days earlier than had been planned, partly because of these new developments.

Ritz should be at Oakwood by Monday or Tuesday, Birdwhistell said.

“We continue to make our first priority the health and safety of the residents at Oakwood,” said Birdwhistell.

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