Commonwealth Journal

August 5, 2013

Pulaski woman guilty of Rockcastle murder

Commonwealth Journal

Mount Vernon — A Pulaski County woman has been conviction of multiple criminal charges, including murder.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Eddy F. Montgomery, Jessica Hailey Robinson, 22, was convicted by a Rockcastle County jury on the charges of murder, first-degree complicity to commit robbery, complicity to manufacture methamphetamine, and second-degree being a persistent felony offender.

Evidence presented during the five-day trial showed that on December 1, 2011, Robinson and four other lured the victim, Jackie Bullock, to the residence of co-conspirator Bobby Peters with the intent of robbing Bullock of his prescription pain medicine and cash, according to Montgomery.

Testimony indicated that the group had been making and using methamphetamine for several days leading up to the incident.

Robinson became enraged at Bullock because of allegations that he had made about her and another co-defendent, then suggested that the group rob Bullock in retaliation, according to Montgomery.

The Commonwealth’s evidence showed that Robinson knew Bullock had recently obtained a prescription for 150 Oxycontin pills, and made numerous phone calls to him to get him to Peters’ residence. Once Bullock arrived, Robinson left with him in order to allow the remaining co-defendants to prepare for the crime.

Upon their return, Robinson remained at the residence while Bullock left to go home.

The robbery occurred in the driveway, when co-defendent Gary Lee Kirby told Bullock to stop and give him his pills, according to Montgomery. Bullock tried to leave, and Kirby fired two shots into the car, striking Bullock in the back and causing his death.

The Rockcastle jury of nine women and three men deliberated for a little more than two hours before returning a verdict. They then heard evidence of Robinson’s prior felony conviction for facilitation to manufacture methamphetamine before finding her to be a persistent felony offender, which requires at least one prior felony conviction within a five-year period, and recommending a jail sentence of 22 years.

All of the co-defendants — including Peters, Kirby, Mary Hannah Hunsucker and Joshua Cameron — had pleaded guilty to their involvement in the crimes, with Kirby, Cameron and Peters each receiving a 25-year sentence and Hunsucker getting 20 years in prison.

Judge Jeffrey T. Burdette set sentencing for September 13 at 10 a.m.

Montgomery thanked the Rockcastle County Sheriff’s Department for their work in investigating the case and “enabling the Commonwealth to remove these individuals from the street and making the community a safer place.”