Commonwealth Journal

August 7, 2013

Electrical outage hits Eubank area

3 poles shattered; 260 homes affected

by Chris Harris
Commonwealth Journal

Eubank —

A mishap involving a truck pulling into a local business resulted in a marathon power outage for many in northern Pulaski County.
According to Cliff Feltham, spokesman for Kentucky Utilities, around 260 customers lost power Tues-day in the Eubank and Waynesburg areas.
Feltham noted that 120 customers were without power for a little under an hour and a half, while 140 more users were stuck in the dark for almost nine hours.
Feltham said the issue was “damage to a pole,” which is what made it difficult to restore power quickly.
“It takes a while to set a pole,” he said. “Sometimes, poles aren’t in the most convenient places. I gather from the length of time this took, it was in a gully or a ravine, some place where they didn’t have easy access.”
Feltham said that while it registered with KU as a problem in Waynesburg in Lincoln County, it affected customers north and south of that community — including in Eubank, where the inciting incident actually took place.
Betty Settle of Buis Furniture and Appliance, a longstanding Eubank business, said that it was a truck delivering merchandise to the store which was pulling in when it caught a wire, causing the issue.
A larger truck had driven through earlier with no problems, so Settle noted that the wire must have come loose at some point after that, and before the second truck came in. Whatever the reason, it caught the wire when making a turn, and ended up breaking three poles.
“It just sent (the outage) down from substation to substation,” she said. “It shut down everything here, the whole street.”
Settle noted that no one was hurt, though the driver said the incident had “scared the life out him,” as nothing like that had ever happened to him before — or apparently, in the town of Eubank.
“We had a bunch of people that pulled out their lawnchairs to watch,” she said. “It was the biggest thing that ever happened here.”