Commonwealth Journal

May 8, 2014

Burnside rolls out its 2014-15 budget

by Chris Harris
Commonwealth Journal

Burnside — The City of Burnside rolled out its budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year at the May meeting of the city council, and it’s a little weightier than last year’s.

Burnside Mayor Ron Jones was pleased to announce that the budget for the upcoming fiscal year had grown over what the city had coming in and going out in 2013-14.

Both an amendment to last year’s budget and the new 2014-15 budget were given first readings at Monday’s meeting, meaning there was no vote taken by the council. The ordinances will be voted upon at the next council meeting.

The total expenses for the coming year, which begins in July, comes out to $2,401,815.

Last year’s budget totaled at $1,337,885, as detailed by the amendment given a first reading this week.

Almost $100,000 more in revenue was generated by the city in general fund income in this upcoming budget, $695,170 to $593,383. That includes money from taxes, licenses and fees, as well as some other sources.

Jones noted that the vote taken last October to go “wet,” allowing the sale of alcohol in retail stores as well as by the glass in restaurants (the latter of which the city has allowed since 2004), has had an impact on the city’s finances.

“With our new ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) ordinance and so forth, we will have an increase,” he said. “It’s small, but every dollar counts.”

Jones also said that the city’s growth through additional annexation northward along U.S. 27 will have a significant impact.

“With the new annexations that we’ve had .... we will have increased our tax base by about $3.5 million,” he said.

Said councilor Dwayne Sellers of the revenue increase in the budget, “Everybody should be proud of that, and we appreciate you working so hard on that. ... In a year or two, people will start seeing the dividends on that.”

Another first reading was given to ordinance no. 611.0 imposing a charge of $50 for any sewer customer to reconnect to the system who is disconnected either voluntarily or for non-payment or violation of city rules and regulations regarding the sewer system.

Also at the meeting, citizen William Boon brought attention to the number of speed bumps and stop signs on Lost Lodge Road, informing the council that in his view, they were problematic for drivers on that street. Jones said the city would look into the matter.