Commonwealth Journal

October 25, 2012

Ferguson City Council race could still see write-in

Passing of Anderson narrows field to six candidates for six seats

by Bill Mardis
Commonwealth Journal

Fergsuon —  

There is a slim chance a write-in candidate could mount a campaign to win a seat on Ferguson City Council.
A spokeswoman for the Kentucky secretary of state pointed out that the deadline for declaring as a write-in candidate is 4 p.m. October 26. The possibility of a write-in candidate was discussed following the death October 19 of Nora Newby Anderson, a Ferguson councilor and candidate for reelection. 
The unlikely scenario is that a write-in candidate would have only 10 days to mount a campaign ahead of the November 6 election. However, in a small city with 662 registered voters, an energetic candidate could shake a lot of hands in 10 days. A write-in candidate must file a declaration of intent with Pulaski County Clerk Ralph Troxtell’s office.
Ferguson Mayor Allen Dobbs said Wednesday afternoon he has not heard about anybody who might attempt a write-in campaign. He indicated he doesn’t anticipate this happening.
A 5th-class city, Ferguson City Council has six members. With the death of Anderson, there are six viable candidates, all of whom will be elected or reelected unless there is a successful write-in effort. Anderson’s name will be on the November 6 ballot but votes for her will not be counted.
Dobbs has been quoted as saying that, because the election is so close, no steps will be taken to appoint someone to fill Anderson’s seat on the council.  The six candidates elected November 6 will form the new council in January.
Only three incumbents –– Anderson, Linda Hughes and Anthony W. (Tony) Deprato –– filed for reelection. Malisa (Pitman) Thacker, Pammela Sue Cordell, John Westberry and Sandy Pitman are newcomers who have no opposition sans an unlikely successful write-in candidate.
Incumbents Paul Moody, Sue Poynter and Betty Wallace did not file for reelection.