Commonwealth Journal

August 1, 2011

Katydid says first frost is October 24

by Bill Mardis Editor Emeritus
Commonwealth Journal

Somerset — The katydid has hollered! The furst frost will be October 24.

That’s a fack, friends. Paul Owens out c’here on Pond Meadow Road sed he wuz sottin’ on his front porch last Tuesday mornin’ an’ a katydid wuz hollerin’ as loud as hit cud.

“It wuz between 8 an’ 9 o’clock in the mornin’, Paul sed. “That katydid wuz sangin’ a song.”

The furst frost cumes 90 days after the furst katydid hollers. 90 days after July 26 is October 24. That’s a Monday mornin’.

Friends, that beats anythang I ever seed. I ain’t never made no frost predickshion frum a katydid hollerin’ in the mornin’ time. My guess is that katydid had been up all nite an’ wuz hollerin’ a’fore he turned in. He’s probably lack your humble reporter. He gits a check an’ kan sleep all day if’n he wants to.

Changin’ the subjick, but hit’s time to count the foggy mornin’s in August. Any ol’ timer will tell you’ins the number ’uv foggy mornin’s in August predicks how many snows deep ’nough to track a rabbit we’ins will have this comin’ winter.

As y’all know, Miz Norma Lester, this nuespaper’s official fog counter on the north banks ’uv Caney Fork Creek, is no longer with us. I don’t know if’n I’ll ever git my snow predickshion r’at no more.

Whut we’ins is gonna do this year is take foggy mornin’ counts frum my weather watchers. Call me at the paper office – 678-8191 – on Thursday mornin’ September 1 an’ tell me how many snows you’ins counted in your nebberhood. Only calls taken at that number and on that mornin’ will count.

I’d also lack to know whut color is the fur on woolly worms’ backs; how thick is shucks on y’ears ’uv corn; an’ how high off’n the grounds is hornets’ nestes.

Your humble reporter shore holps fur a mild winter with just a few snows. If’n them pollytishions up in Warshington keeps fussin’ an’ don’t send me my check, I ain’t gonna be able to ordder no long-handle drawers. The fuzz has done wore’d off’n the pair had last winter.