As the Lady Jackets took the field on Monday in their season opener, it was apparent that Peggy Sewell's team had a bad case of the jitterbugs. While the Varsity Yellowjackets were able to hold their own through the first two innings with Lincoln County, it would be the Eagles who would take flight during the final two innings of the game and light up the scoreboard with 20 of their 21 runs.

On defense 7th grader Cassie Hall started the game off with a spark, awarding Lincoln all 3 of their outs in the top of the 1st. With 2 snagged flyballs and a rocket fired to 1st baseman, Carla Smith, Hall would make short order of the Lady Eagles, allowing only 1 run. Eighth grader, Katie Duff, would step up in the 2nd to hand two Lincoln batters strikeouts, while Smith would bring the Lady Jackets in to bat with a heads up play on a short flyball. But it would be a medley of errors that would cost Science Hill several unearned runs.

Battling their defensive woes, the Jackets could not get anything started at the plate either. After two innings, the diamond Jackets were scoreless. It was in the 3rd inning, Jacket fans had a glimmer of hope. Lead off batter, Corkie Taylor, hit a shot to center field to keep the dream alive and went on to score, preventing a Yellowjacket shut out. Following a walk by Cassie Hall, Keisha York, 8th grader strode to the plate to slam a rocket into deep left field advancing all base runners. York would later score, giving the Lady Jackets their third and final run of the game.

“It's simple,” stated Coach Holt, “You can't hit the ball if you don't swing the bat and we were just not swinging the bat tonight. I truly think the girls had first game jitters. It was the opening game of the season and I know they are better than what we showed. We told them this game is over and done…..all their nerves have come and gone and tomorrow we all need to show up ready to play ball and leave the nerves at home.”

In the second game of the evening it would the JV Jackets that would show the fire that Sewell and company want to see in their next game. With 6 first year players on the field, it would be the Yellowjackets who would swarm the Eagles for a 7-5 victory. Starting pitcher, Ashley Gregory would make a pair of defensive plays in the first to help hold Lincoln to only one run. Katie Duff would come in to relieve Gregory in the second and sit down 7 Eagle batters in 2 2/3 innings. First baseman, Rachel Wilson, would then record the final Eagle out, making a good play on a ground ball to first.

But it was the aggressive hitting and base running of the JV squad that made Sewell most proud. Katie Duff would first hit a bullet to center field in the 2nd to score Lareesa Dawes, and would later drive in Kaitlynn Boyd as the go-ahead run. Taylor Brock scored in the inning 3rd to put the Lady Jackets up by two and finish the game with a final score of 7 to 5. McKala Blevins, Corey Upchurch, and Cheyenne Adams would all 3 cross the plate for the Yellowjackets in the 3rd as well.

Science Hill will battle Meece Middle on Tuesday night at Science Hill.

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