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The sun sets with a muted glow over Niagara Falls, New York, earlier this week, showing the effects of a milky sky caused by diffuse clouds of smoke from the West Coast wildfires traveling across the U.S. on jet stream winds. 

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WESTERN WILDFIRES, EASTERN SUNSET: Sun sets with a muted glow from diffuse clouds of smoke from West Coast wildfires traveling across the U.S. on jet stream winds. 

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Sun sets in Niagara Falls, N. Y., this week with muted glow against milky sky caused by smoky residue from the West Coast wildfires that traveled across the U.S. on jet stream winds. 

In Alabama, Dauphin Island is reportedly seeing a lot of damage already as well. Mayor Jeff Collier spoke with local news outlets and detailed the devastation. "Well, we're just getting out to do our initial survey. And what we're seeing is quite a bit of devastation. We've got trees down al…

CNN's Don Lemon reacts to some moments from ABC's town hall with President Donald Trump where he was confronted by voters about a variety of issues, including the Covid-19 pandemic and healthcare.

Although the storm is projected to go to the east now, we’re still seeing storm surge and gusty winds in parts of Jackson County. News 25’s Meteorologist Brantly Keiek is in Pascagoula with a closer look.

President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined the foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain at the White House to mark historic normalization agreements between Israel and the two Arab countries. CNN's Alex Marquardt reports.

Tanika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor, spoke after the city of Louisville, Kentucky, agreed to pay $12 million to Taylor's family and institute a series of police reforms to settle the family's wrongful death lawsuit.

British actress Diana Rigg, whose decades-long acting career spanned 1960s spy series "The Avengers," classical theater and "Game of Thrones," has died aged 82.

Demetria Bannister, an elementary school teacher, died of coronavirus complications a week into the start of the school year in South Carolina. The 28-year-old had taught at the Windsor Elementary School in Columbia for five years, CNN affiliate WIS reported.

In newly released audio, President Donald Trump is heard dismissing the idea that he has benefited from White privilege and accuses interviewer, renowned Watergate journalist, Bob Woodward, of "drinking the Kool-Aid" for raising the topic.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden reacts to newly released audio that reveals President Donald Trump knew early on how deadly the coronavirus was and that he downplayed the severity of the pandemic in the US to reduce panic.

The Senate Majority Leader announced today there will be a procedural vote tomorrow on Republican’s newest slimmed down COVID relief proposal. On the Senate floor this morning, Senator Mitch McConnell made clear it’s not a vote to pass the bill precisely as written but rather it’s a vote for…

President Trump disparaged his former chief of staff John Kelly when asked why he hasn't spoken out about a bombshell story in The Atlantic magazine that reported President Trump disparaged US troops. Trump denies the accusations in the report and CNN has not independently verified the reporting.

After months of staying home, many Americans will be traveling this holiday weekend as they enjoy the final days of summer. However, since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, there are things you can do to make sure that good memories are the only thing you bring back. Experts with the…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her hair styled inside a San Francisco hair salon, her office said in a statement, an apparent violation of the city's Covid-19 safety regulations that enraged the salon's owner.

The American Cancer Society's newly updated guidelines for colon and rectal cancer screening recommend that adults at average risk get screened starting at age 45 instead of 50, as previously advised. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Disturbing new video shows the moments before a fatal shooting happened in Portland, Oregon, during protest clashes that left one person dead. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden released a statement condemning the deadly violence and encouraged President Donald Trump to follow suit.

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