Officials at area schools say it will be business as usual Wednesday, with no local reports of anything amiss. Statewide, most districts were saying the same after a Monday afternoon tweet from FBI Louisville stated it was aware of “an unspecified internet threat against schools in Kentucky (08/28)” as well as for Arkansas the following day.

Superintendent Kyle Lively and the Somerset Independent School District released a statement saying that the district was not aware of any specific threats involving their schools. 

"As always, the safety and security of our students is a main priority. We are committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students and faculty at all times," the statement reads.

It concludes by saying that the district will be open on Wednesday.

Superintendent Jimmy Dyehouse of Science Hill Independent said as of Tuesday his district had no plans of sending out a special notification.

“We haven’t even shared it,” he said.

The key to the FBI’s notification was that the message was “unsubstantiated,” he said.

“We will not let someone scare us, especially if it’s unsubstantiated,” he said.

The school is in touch with local safety officials, and Dyehouse said that if any specific threats arise against the school, they will answer them as needed.

Pulaski County Schools Superintendent Patrick Richardson took a similar stance, noting that the FBI had informed state officials that the threat is not credible.

"Initially the threat was reported to FBI in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has been investigated by the Arkansas and Kentucky FBI," Richardson explained. "The threat DID NOT name a specific location in either state and was much generalized…

"We have made our district administration aware of this claim and our School Resource Officers have received information about the claim. Our district will be on heightened alert but will continue with the daily activities of students."

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