MAY 29, 1933

Rabies rampent

The swift manner in which dog owners confined their animals after 20 persons were bitten, scratched or injured by rabid dogs was credited today by Dr. Carl Norfleet, director of the Pulaski County Health Department, as helping diminish the rabies threat in the city.

He said several other county residents were taking anti-rabies vaccine because dogs they had handled had died recently, making them suspect the animals were rabid.

City and county officials declared a three-week quarantine on dogs following the rabies outbreak which Chief of Police Harold Catron termed “the worst we’ve had since I’ve been Chief of Police.”

Any dog not confined or not on a lesh accompanied by owner will be destroyed, officials warned.

Queen Geraldine

Geraldine Sullivan of Ferguson High has been named queen of the annual Farm and Home Show held at Farmers Tobacco Warehouse by Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

Kimball to rescue

Lt. Jack H. Kimball, 134 Crawford Ave., is pictured on the front page as he prepares to take off on a patrol mission on Okinawa as the pilot of an SA-16 amphibious rescue aircraft with the U.S. Air Force and Air Rescue group.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Kimball of Somerset. His wife, the former Marjorie Beard, is with him in Okinawa.

Off to Florida

Members of the graduating class at Science Hill High School are enjoying a senior trip to Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cunningham are accompanying them.

Honor society

President Eddie Bourne of the Somerset High chapter of the National Honor Society, presented names of the newest members today in an assembly at the school.

Blaine Neikirk, David Shadoan, Burton Hacker, Betty Ann Sowder, Joe Graybeal, and Reves Jackson.

Big bucks

Fourty-one females and six bulls were sold for a total of $14,270, an average of $309, at the annual Southeastern Kentucky Breeders’ Association show and sale at the Pulaski County Agricultural Pavilion.

Dunbar grads

Six seniors will be graduated from Dunbar High on May 21.

They are William Frank Cunningham, Mary Jo Groggins, Ralph Henry Stigall, Kathleen Yancey, Dorothy Marie Gillespie, Leon McBeth, Wilena Elizabeth Stigall, and William Walker.

4-H Rally Day winners

Members of 30 4-H clubs attended the annual county-wide 4-H Rally Day at Pulaski High. Winners of the different contests will represent the county in the district rally.

In the boys’ speech division, C. P. Schoolcraft captured top honors. Roy Delk received a blue ribbon for his talk. Bobby Todd, Eubank, and Hearl Scales, Cedar Point, were given red ribbons.

In the individual demonstrations, J. W. Graybeal, of the Science Hill 4-H Club, won first place.

Other members giving demonstrations included Joe Lee Daulton and Kenneth Gossett, Nancy; Larry Norfleet and Roy Delk, and Gary Roy, Cedar Point; Joe Henry, Pulaski 4-H Club.

In the team demonstrations, C. P. Schoolcraft and Frank Burkett, Cedar Point 4-H Club, received first place. Other teams participating included Russell Wiles and Ray Kissee, Cedar Point; James Howard Purcell and Cloyd Bumgardner, Plato.

Freddy Davenport, Cedar Point, was the only entry in the “Tag on the Feedbag” division and will represent the county in the district.

In the girls’ contest, Fredda Sue Short won the style show contest and Gaye Jewell Gibson, Quinton, was alternate.

Kay Correll of Oak Hill won the demonstration contest, and Blondell Weddle of Cedar Point was alternate.

Linda Cole, Cedar Point, won the public speaking contest. Since she is not old enough to compete in state and district contests, Norma Jean Minton, Cedar Point, will compete in the district contest.

It’s coming !

A real live giraffe will be featured in the Al G. Kelly & Miller Circus coming to Somerset May 22 for afternoon and night performances. Admission for children 42 cents, adults 75 cents.

Beasley goes first class

Elza Beasley, postmaster at the West Somerset post office, was elected president of the Kentucky branch of the National League of District Postmasters.


Mr. and Mrs. Denver Hislope were married in Science Hill at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Morris. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Hislope of Delmer.

My big brother

Cpl. James R. White, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. White of Rt. 1, Science Hill, who is stationed at Maxwel Air Base, Montgomery, Alabama, is spending a 15-day leave at home. He was graduated from the Dental Laboratory, Bethesda, Maryland, April 3 with high honors. He will return to his base May 29, where he is an instructor in the Dental Laboratory.

Move the dump

The city was ordered to move the city dump at a hearing in Pulaski Circuit Court on an indictment charging the city with maintaining a common nuisance. The indictment followed a number of complaints by persons living in the vicinity of the dump on Unity Hill.

Civic leader dies

J. H. Hussing, 58, manager of the Cumberland River Oil Company, has died at his home on North College Street. He was a leader in Somerset’s civic, business and religious life. He was born in Somerset in 1894 to the late Lewis Henry Hussing and America Rout Hussing.

He and Mrs. Thelma Smith Frank of Somerset were married in 1933.

High honor

Attorney Ben Smith was sworn in Monday to practice law before the U. S. Supreme Court.

Piano recital

Pupils from the class of Virginia Catron will give a piano recital June 4 in the Somerset High Auditorium.

Buy a broom

Listen to the Lions Club’s Broom Sale over station WSFC on Thursday and Friday from 8 to 9 p,m. Buy a broom and help buy glasses for needy school children.

Pool opening

The Hillcrest Swimming Pool will open May 29. Students admitted for 25 cents, all others 40 cents. See Bill Sharpe for season tickets or call 57-W.

Bait dandy for Andy

About three weeks ago Andy Mounce was fishing on the lake with little luck. He had tried about every bait in his tackle box.

He came across a metal beer can opener, tied it to his hook and began to troll.


He had a 12-inch bass on his line in short order.

To prove it was not a fluke catch, last week he took another bass with the same bait.

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