Somernites organizers were planning for a Super Cruise this weekend and the crowds came through.

According to team member Mark Hansford, who also serves as “Voice of the Cruise,” some 1,200 automobiles had rolled into downtown Somerset by 3:30

p.m. Saturday — 700 of which were this month’s showcased model, Ford Mustangs.

In addition to the usual visitors from neighboring Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana, this Super Cruise attracted car enthusiasts from Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Wisconsin. The furthest registrant at press time had come from Oregon.

Morris and Evyonne Tyler brought their 1968 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet down from Danville for the August Cruise both this year and last. The Tylers bought the car in 1996, stripping it down to bare metal for a complete restoration.

“It has won numerous Mustang Club of America gold awards and Senior Grand Nationals in the Antique Automobile Club of America,” Mr. Tyler said. “It’s been centerfold in Mustang Monthly magazine in 1998.”

Mr. Tyler added that he only collects Mustangs. His first car was a 1965

model, which he got in 1966.

Luther Vanover of Mason, Ohio, comes to the Lake Cumberland area often

to visit relatives and had walked through the Cruise before. Saturday, he was

showing his Factory Five Mk4 Roadster for the first time on Fountain Square.

“You’re not allowed to use the Cobra name on it,” Vanover said, explaining

the car is a copy of the 1965 Shelby Cobra that he built from a kit and

finished in 2015. “From a body, chassis and 35 boxes of parts. All the parts

on it are Mustang parts.”

Of course, there were plenty of other vehicles to see. Retired teacher Bill

Morgan brought his rebuilt 1929 Ford Roadster, which he put together “one

piece at a time.”

“Just like Johnny Cash and his Cadillac,” Morgan laughed about Cash’s

1976 hit.

Morgan is no stranger to Somerset, having lived here for 18 years before

moving back to Mt. Sterling two years ago. Always interested in cars, he began serious restoration in retirement — using money made from extra jobs.

He bought the Roadster’s body about seven years ago.

“I started collecting parts when I was a teenager,” Morgan said. “This is the

product after all those years.”

Morgan’s collection also includes no. 353 of the extremely rare 1954 Kaiser

Darrin. “It was a one-off in terms of the production,” he continued. “They

only made 435 of them.”

This month’s special guest also proved to be a major attraction for those

attending downtown.

All day long, TV personality and mechanic Cristy Lee drew long lines for

her first appearance at a show in Kentucky.

Lee, of the Detroit, Mich., area, is one of the stars of “All Girls Garage,” a

popular show on the Velocity cable network featuring a roster of female auto

enthusiasts. She also hosts the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions, also

on Velocity.

For more information about the last two shows of the season, visit www. or find it on Facebook.

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