Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky’s governor said Sunday that he will quarantine after a member of his security detail who drove with his family the day before later tested positive for COVID-19.

Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear said he and his family feel fine, show no coronavirus symptoms and have tested negative for the virus. Beshear’s wife and their two children also will quarantine.

In a social media video posted Sunday, Beshear said he’s committed to “setting an example” by quarantining after receiving a call from a contact tracer to alert his family of the possible exposure.

“So we’re doing what those tracers ask us and others to do,” he said. “We’re going to be quarantining until the (state) Department for Public Health says that we’ve completed what we need to.”

Beshear, who preaches the importance of following the advice of health experts to limit the virus’s spread, said that by going into quarantine he’s “walking the walk, not just talking the talk.”

Kentucky has had another surge of coronavirus cases in recent weeks, and Beshear recently extended his statewide mask mandate for another 30 days and promised stricter enforcement.

Beshear said his family was not in contact with anyone else following the exposure. The governor said his family and the state police trooper who accompanied his family all wore facial coverings.

“So thankfully there’s no additional exposure that’s out there, at least related to us,” Beshear said. “And none of us have tested positive. We feel great.”

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Kentucky Department for Public Health recommend quarantine if someone is within six feet — for more than 15 minutes — of a person who tested positive for COVID-19, Beshear said.

Beshear’s family will be tested regularly for the virus and will remain in quarantine until cleared by the state public health department, a statement from his office said.

Beshear spoke from the governor’s mansion Sunday, his son Will at his side. He said they were in an “empty part” of the home, and his son wore a mask during the video. The governor said he plans to do his daily coronavirus briefings from the mansion at least through the coming week.

“I’m still going to be doing my job, each and every day,” he said.

Beshear, who won election last year, is the son of former two-term Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear.


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