Pulaski saw its highest one-day total of cases Thursday – 99. That number contributed heavily to the Lake Cumberland District Health Department’s (LCDHD) highest one-day total among the entire 10-county district.

Pulaski and LCDHD have seen record numbers this week. On top of Pulaski’s 99-case count day, Wednesday was the second-highest ever case count with 81.

The district as a whole recorded its highest one-day total on Wednesday with 191 cases, then “shattered” that number Thursday with 274 cases.

“Unfortunately, the massive exponential growth we warned everyone about is here,” LCDHD officials stated on their Thursday evening update. “All of the complacency, skepticism, and insistence that the guidance doesn’t apply to us or our situation has caught up with us. Unfortunately, and bewilderingly, while many will face this challenge and do what is necessary, some will still cast doubt and resist efforts to slow the spread of this devastating disease.”

On top of that, all 10 counties are reported to be in the red zone, with McCreary catching up to the rest of the district.

As of Thursday, Pulaski’s incident rate was at 72.99 cases per 100,000 of population, well above the 25 or more per 100,000 threshold for being considered in the Critical range.

However, along with all the bad news, LCDHD officials offered hope.

“It is within our power to impact the spread of COVID-19 before our medical infrastructures become overwhelmed. Citizens, community-leaders, church-leaders, let’s step-up or game,” officials said.

“Please, let’s everyone do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by wearing our face coverings, avoiding crowds (especially in confined spaces), social distancing when around others, increasing our hand hygiene, increasing our general sanitation, and by avoiding the touching of our faces.”

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