Evan Hensley with cabbage

Evan Hensley, 9, shows a 10-pound cabbage head he grew in a contest to win a $1,000 scholarship. Scholarship winners haven’t been determined but Evan has already showed his grandfather, Rick Campbell, he can farm.

Cabbage is a leafy green, red or white biennial plant grown as an annual vegetable crop for its dense-leaved heads. It is descended from wild cabbage, and belongs to the "cole crops" or brassicas, meaning it is closely related to broccoli and cauliflower.

The guy who wrote the above may have a lot of book learning but when it comes to growing cabbage, he couldn’t hold a candle to what 9-year-old Evan Hensley did on his Papaw’s farm just out in the hollow from Mayfield Hollow off Ky. 192.

Evan’s third-grade teacher, Mrs. Rice, at Shopville Elementary, gave him a 3-inch cabbage plant in a cup last March just before school had to shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The student growing the biggest cabbage head gets a $1,000 scholarship.

At first, Evan got a little discouraged because his Papaw told him not to expect to win because there were other boys out there whose dads and papaws know more about farming that his papaw did. His grandmother (Darlene Campbell) told him not to get discouraged because “ … we were going to water that cabbage plant and put it in full sun and show Papaw it could be done.”

Evan did. He watered and watered and it grew and grew and kept growing. “When we weighed it last Saturday it weighed 10 pounds. You should have seen the big grin on his face,” Darlene said. “We turned the cabbage head in and are waiting to see if he won the scholarship.”

Evan was born with Spina Bifida and is a special needs child so this was a big accomplishment for him. Win or lose, Evan showed his Papaw he can farm.

“I told him his picture might be in the paper,” said Darlene. He said: “What paper, the one you look at all the time?”

I said: “Yes, and he smiled really big”

Evan lives with his grandparents, Rick and Darlene Campbell. He is the son of the late Amanda Woodall.

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