Wayne Jailer Ronnie Ellis

Wayne County Jailer Ronnie Ellis

After being on lockdown for nearly a month, the Wayne County Detention Center is once again booking and housing inmates for law enforcement officers. Jailer Ronnie Ellis provided great news on Thanksgiving Day about the facility.

“We COVID-19 tested Tuesday here at the Detention Center and I’m very pleased to announce we had no positive cases,” Ellis said, adding, “Eleven employees and eighteen inmates were tested Tuesday.”

Progress was being made the week before at the Detention Center. Fifty one inmates and 15 employees were tested Wednesday, November 18, and results on the 20th showed only two inmates testing positive with the 15 employees testing negative.

The COVID-19 outbreak at the Wayne Detention Center brought about out-of-town trips for Monticello Police and the Wayne County Sheriff's Department to house those taken into custody.

The Clinton County Jail booked prisoners for DUI and Alcohol Intoxication charges (those who would be kept a short period of time) and Pulaski County Detention incarcerated prisoners for offenses requiring longer stays.

The Sheriff's Department also made limited transports to Madison County for incarceration. Jailer Ellis greatly appreciates the kindness shown from neighboring Detention Centers lending a helping hand and housing local inmates.

He is also proud of the COVID-19 outbreak being under control and the Wayne County Jail once again lodging individuals picked up for crimes, outstanding warrants and other charges.

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