For more than four decades, Alice Cooper has delighted -- and disturbed -- fans around the world with his fantastically gruesome theatrics.

Snakes, guillotines, dead babies, blood, electrocutions, killer nurses, monsters, murder and mayhem.

You never what to expect when Alice and his band take the stage.

"We want people to walk away saying, 'What just happened?' And that's the way it should be," Cooper said Thursday during a phone interview with the Richmond Register.

And 50 years after the release of his first album, Alice is still delivering memorable on-stage moments.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee is set to bring his Ol Black Eyes is Back Tour to the EKU Center for the Arts on Monday.

The show features 22 songs from across Alice's career and an all-new performance that includes some terrifically terrible twists.

"You keep giving it a different look and a different punchline," Alice said of the evolution of his stage show. "This audience gets sucker-punched about three times in this show. They think something is going to happen, then something else happens. I kind of like that."

Even at 71, Alice shows no signs of slowing down.

He just completed a European tour -- with Kentucky's Black Stone Cherry as a support act -- and will be on the road throughout North America until the end of April.

Alice recently released Breadcrumbs, a six-song EP, and has plans to debut his 28th full-length studio album next year.

The stage show continues to get bigger and more provocative as well.

"It's darker and funnier," Alice said with a laugh. "The show starts in fourth gear and stays there. So, if you blink, you are going to miss something. That's the whole idea."

The on-stage antics are a big part of the show.

No doubt.

The music, though, is just as important.

"You've got to have the cake before the icing," Alice said. "If we have a seven-hour rehearsal, six of it is spent on the music. The music every night is on the money. The icing on the cake is pretty thick. Every song has something going on it. It's just a fun show to watch."

Selecting a set list from a catalog as deep as Alice's isn't easy.

This time around, the shock rocker has resurrected some very creepy classics -- including Raped and Freezin', He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask), Bed of Nails, Steven and Escape.

"This is a brand-new show. A brand-new production. We added in eight different songs, some of which we hadn't done in a long time," Alice said. "You have to do the hits -- I'm Eighteen, Billion Dollar Babies and School's Out -- but each one of those we've put a new twist on as well."

In addition to Alice and several other characters, including his wife, Cheryl, the band plays a big part in the show -- musically and theatrically.

The line-up features some of the top hard rock musicians in the industry.

"Hurricane" Nita Strauss was named Best Female Guitarist in the World by Guitar World and drummer Glen Sobel has also received the world-wide honors from other publications.

Ryan Roxie (guitar), Tommy Henriksen (guitar) and Chuck Garric (bass) have been part of the Alice Cooper band for several years as well.

"The band kills it every single night and they are all best friends," Alice said. "Nita is just amazing. She out-plays a lot of guys."

While the band is killing it, musically, Alice has killing on his mind too.

Especially during the song Dead Babies.

"There's a character now called Mademoiselle Guillotine, who is played by my wife," Alice said. "She's a very nasty character. Alice is in a straight-jacket and she has a cradle with a baby in it. And you should never hand a baby to a guy in a straight-jacket. I'll just leave it at that. It shouldn't be done. You can just imagine what might happen."

After all the mayhem and madness, the show ends with a cascade of confetti and balloons as Alice's rips through one of his most iconic songs -- School's Out.

"When you write an anthem, it has got to relate to every generation," Alice said. "Everybody hates schools. So, School's Out works for every generation."

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