Kentucky Hands and Voices will be hosting a Parent Cafe at the Corbin Public Library from 6-8 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 22.

"It is an event for parents and guardians and caregivers of any kind to get together to talk about how to best support children who are deaf and hard of hearing and their needs," said Jessica Scearse, a local teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing, and member of Kentucky Hands and Voices.

The event will have multiple stations for attendees to visit. Each station will provide information and topics surrounding the deaf and hard of hearing community.

"Some of our local audiologists will be there, some of our local resources will be there," explained Scearse. "Anything we felt like our parents could benefit from will be there, parents and caregivers because we want educators, daycare, anybody who works with our population, we want them to feel welcomed to come."

Corbin was chosen by the organization because our area is starting to see more children with hearing loss.

The Corbin Public Library was picked to host the event because of its layout. Scearse says that she wants parents and their children to be close together, but also wanted parents to have the opportunity to speak freely, while the children had fun doing other activities. It was also chosen because it offers the community a place to plan future get togethers if they choose to do so.

"We always look for family-friendly community bases that our families can definitely go back to if they would like to set up meetings and play dates, and so we felt the library would be a good fit."

Scearse says she hopes to bring more awareness to the deaf and hard of hearing communities in our region.

"We're just trying to get more people involved," she explained. "A lot of people don't know a lot about the deaf and hard of hearing culture for children especially. Sometimes our families don't want to accept that their children have a hearing loss, because they feel like they're the only ones, or it doesn't impact them, and it does. So we want them to know they're options, we want them to know how to get help, and how to seek those services from the community."

The Parent Cafe is free to the public, but organizers ask that if you plan to attend, and need child care during the event, to pre-register by visiting

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