Daniel Suddeath

Daniel Suddeath

Impeachment, abortion, Colin Kaepernick and Jeffrey Epstein — these topics and people are the most important issues facing our nation, right?


There's an old saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees, and we're witnessing it in current times. We're so consumed with whatever polarizing topic is shoved down our throats on social and national media that we've lost track of what really matters.

Don't get me wrong — the aforementioned subjects are important. We should pay attention to the actions of President Donald Trump, and his conversation over aid to Ukraine definitely raises eyebrows about his intentions.

We should also care about police brutality and whether or not Kaepernick is being treated unfairly for exercising his Constitutional rights.

Abortion will always be on the minds of many, and if someone did have Epstein murdered because of what he knew, law enforcement should find and arrest those responsible.

But take a step back and ask yourself how much any of these people or topics really affect your daily life?

There were scores of posts on social media about abortion during our Kentucky election earlier this month, but many of those pro-lifers were silent last week when we again saw teenagers murdered in their classrooms. Are we really worried about the "lives of the innocent" if we won't take any action to stop the continual butchering of our children?

So many people proclaim Kaepernick as a hero and urge him to continue his fight for justice, but every day we see kids murdered in inner cities in this country and nobody blinks an eye. While we should all be concerned about equality, especially when it comes to how we're policed, law enforcement isn't the biggest concern in our country. We're bullying and killing each other on our own, and many places such as Glasgow are consumed with meth, heroin and prescription pill abuse. Taking a knee won't solve those problems.

While I believe most people share the Epstein memes and posts just to get a "like" or a laugh on social media, I'll go against my better judgment and assume they're being plastered all over Facebook because people are genuinely concerned about sexual abuse of children. And if you are, it's yet another reason why our treatment of immigrants at our Southern border should enrage you. There have been hundreds of sexual abuse cases involving migrant children reported while those kids were being held in U.S. detention facilities.

Of course, some will counter that their parents should have made better decisions. Could not the same argument be used for keeping abortion legal? The parents "could have made better decisions" in both situations. 

Most of us are tired of hearing about impeachment. Democrats have chided Trump every step of the way, and, as such, this issue is being seen as another political stunt. There's probably no way an impeachment in the House will be upheld the Republican-controlled Senate. To the contrary, the impeachment proceedings will likely hurt Democrats. We have an election coming next year. If Democrats are so concerned about getting Trump out of office, then they should be focused on getting people out to vote unlike they did in 2016.

Democrats should also be worried about finding electable candidates. It's hard to imagine anyone on the current slate will defeat Trump in 2020.

It's fine to have opinions about issues of national debate, but if we're really worried about making this nation a better place, we should put our energy where our mouth is and do something that will actually result in change. Sharing memes on Facebook isn't going to change many people's minds, though I do really love the one with the lady screaming at the sassy-mouthed cat.

Suddeath is the editor of the Glasgow Daily Times. His column appears in the Thursday edition and at various times throughout the week. Reach him at 270-678-5171 or by email at dsuddeath@glasgowdailytimes.com. Follow him on Twitter @DsuddeathGDT.


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