Black bear on cam

A trail camera operated by Joby Gossett photographed this black bear on two successive nights, September 8-9, at Green River Knob on the border of Pulaski and Casey counties.

If one thinks rattlesnakes are scary, how about a black bear?

Glen Weddle, who “ … lives right at the foot of Green River Knob,” has both. He recently killed a rattlesnake at his place, and back in September a trail camera photographed a black bear on two successive nights “ … about 300 feet behind my house.” The trail camera belongs to a neighbor, Joby Gossett.

Green River Knob is the tallest point in the knobs region of Kentucky with an elevation of 1,789 feet. It is also the highest point in Kentucky outside the Eastern Coalfield. Green River Knob is located at the border of Casey and Pulaski counties west of Ky. 837.

Rattlesnakes are relatively common in the area. Many years ago the late Gene Gosser, a Somerset Realtor, ran over a 52-inch rattler with his car on Ky. 837. His picture with the snake was published in The Commonwealth Journal.

Kentucky is home to a growing bear population. Bears have become increasingly common in McCreary and surrounding counties expanding outward from the junction of Daniel Boone National Forest and Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Bear sightings in Pulaski County are relatively frequent.

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