A Strong Family without Power: Young Lefler family have made the best of a bad situation after being without power for 4 straight days

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The Lefler family, from left, Acen, Jesalyn, Denetta and Kyle have had to endure four days without power in their Eubank home. The young family has made the most of the ordeal and are thankful to all the workers trying to restore power for everyone. The Leflers lost their electricity on Monday at 4:30 p.m. and have been powerless ever since.

EUBANK - When Kyle and Denetta Lefler decided to raise their young family on a country farm, they might have expected some occasional tough times along the way. But they never dreamed they would have to care for their two small children without electricity for four straight days.

“Today (Thursday) makes four straight days without power,” Denetta Lefler stated. “However, we completely understand that the workers are doing the best that they can in this tough weather situation. We’re thankful that RECC and other companies are even out working in this weather. We just hope everyone stays safe and can go home to their families at the end of a hard-working day.”

The Lefler’s two children are four-year-old Jesalyn and one-year-old Acen. The Leflers lost power in their Eubank farmhouse on Monday, Feb. 15, at approximately 4:30 p.m., as result of the local winter ice storm.

“This is the first time our power has been out since we’ve had our children,” Denetta stated. “Acen was extremely concerned when the power first went off. Jesalyn dealt with it okay. She keeps asking when will our power be back on.”

The Leflers had made preparations food-wise, and they have a generator - which helps some. The generator runs their refrigerator, deep freezer and a fan on their outdoor boiler. However, they do unplug the deep freezer during the night, so they can watch a little television.

The Leflers are unable to cook with their stove or microwave, but they do have a small George Foreman grill - used to cook hot dogs and a few other things.

Despite their own family electrical problems, Kyle and his father (Jeff) have been busy during the days putting salt down at local business, and pushing snow for others.

“Our bedroom is probably about 30 degrees, if not colder,” stated Kyle. “We’ve all been sleeping in the living room, except for our son. His room is the warmest room in the entire house.”

The Lefler children have stayed home with their mom for most of the time.

“Yesterday, my daughter stayed with my parents over night, and tonight my son may stay with them,” Denetta stated. “Our hopes are they can have a little normalcy, also getting them out of the house helps as well. My husband and I don’t feel comfortable staying anywhere but home since we have farm animals to care for, and so that were able to run the generator. We turn the generator off for several hours during the day to give it a break. We don’t want to push our luck by not giving the generator a break.”

“We didn’t realize how spoiled we are to having power and the things that go with it,” Denetta stated. “Honestly, it will be a blessing when it’s back on for so many reason. However, the main reason is for our children. We miss the lights the most. We’ve taken laundry to my parents house, and not being able to do laundry is a pain with having young children.”

But their new powerless exploits have also served as an adventure for the young Lefler crew.

“It’s been quite an adventure with our children - with them being so young,” Denetta stated. “They have colored, played with their toys, and my husband built them a ball pit - and needless to say we’ve all played in that. They’ve played with our two dogs and we are making the best out of this that we can. Things could always be so much worse. I consider us lucky honestly.”

With the kids asleep, the Lefler couple even played a game of candle-lite Monopoly on Wednesday night.

The Leflers have not been given specific time frame when their power might be restored, and they are perfectly fine with that.

“It’s okay, and we are not concerned when our power will be restored,” Kyle stated. “We know that the men and women are working as much, and as hard, as they can to get everyone’s power back on.”

“This family experience will definitely be talked about years to come,” Denetta added. “We kept a memory book for both our children, which I will write in telling them all about this family experience.”

STEVE CORNELIUS is the CJ Sports Editor and can be reached at sports@somerset-kentucky.com. Follow him on Twitter at @CJSportseditor.

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