Monticello Assistant Police Chief Ronnie Ellis II

MONTICELLO, Ky. — Attorneys for Monticello Assistant Police Chief Ronnie Ellis II and the City of Monticello are slated to meet Friday to discuss the attempted demotion of Ellis from his post.

George Bertram, the attorney representing Ellis, told WKYM and the Commonwealth Journal that his client "has a perfect record as a police officer."

"I am protecting (Ellis's) rights and reputation," Bertram said. "An officer cannot be displaced without a hearing."

Bertram said the “Police Officers Bill of Rights” outlines how a police officer is treated in the wake of an alleged violation, either of the law or of departmental regulations. The law was created to deal fairly with any allegations and set administrative due process rights.

Monticello Mayor Tracie Sexton said she did not have any announcements to make about the Monticello Police Department.

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