Steve Beshear and Daniel Mongiardo know Kentucky needs more money and hope to take advantage of something several surrounding states are — limited expanded gaming.

Beshear said that limited expanded gaming is something that, if he is elected, he hopes to take to the polls as a constitutional amendment for Kentuckians to vote on.

He believes if a law is passed where expanded limited gaming could occur in the state, it could help several issues in Kentucky including education, healthcare and jobs, all issues which have concerned him enough to run for governor. All of it costs money, and Beshear said that without this, the state doesn’t have the money.

“I’ve been very concerned about lack of leadership in our state,” said Beshear. “I think the state has became stagnant over the last four years in health care, education and job creation.

“I believe Daniel and I are the team to get it done.”

To improve education throughout the state, Beshear and Mongiardo believe they need to start very early on.

“We don’t need to start at high school or grade school or even kindergarten,” said Mongiardo. “We have to start much younger than that.”

Beshear said they would focus on making sure all children in Kentucky have the opportunity available to be involved in early childhood education programs, so they’ll have more of a chance to be successful.

Then, they want to reduce tuition cost for Kentuckians, who are trying to attend college in Kentucky. Beshear said over the past 6 years there has been an 86 percent increase in tuition at Kentucky colleges.

“it’s getting to a place Kentucky kids can’t afford to go to Kentucky colleges,” said Beshear.

But he and his running mate have a plan in what they call Kentucky First.

Knetucky First would be forgiveable loans to help Kentucky students pay for tuition. After graduating from college, for every year the studeant works in Kentucky the state would forgive a year of the loan.

Beshear said that he and Mongiardo also have the goal of of having available for every Kentukian affordable healthcare by the end of their term if elected. He said currently there are 81,000 children without any healthcare and they hope through a plan Medicaid and Kchip to cover all Kentucky children.

“At the other end of the spectrum we have a problem with cost of Medicare Part Dfor seniors,” said Beshear.

He said while Medicare Part D will pay for the cost of drugs for the first $3,000 and then after that there is a problem because seniors have to pay 100 percent of the next $3,500 of their medicaiton before it kicks in again.

“We have seniors today choosing betwen eating and buying prescription drugs they need to stay alive,” said Beshear, who said they need to find another way to supplement the program so seniors wouldn’t have to deal with the issue of choosing.

“We need a programt to help seniors through the gap,” said Beshear.

Beshear said the limited expanded gaming would help with these issues as it would bring in $500 million a year in new tax revenue that could be used for education and lowering health care cost as thousands are going across the borders every year and spending a billion doors on their entertainment dollars there.

“Right now that Kentucky moeny is educationg Indiana kids, paving raods in West Virginia and lowering healthcare cost in Illnois,” said Beshear.

“If people are going to do that lets at least get the benefits of it.”

“If people vote for it we will have the kind of money to do things people have been promised for years,” Beshear added.

He said that if If Kentuckians voted limited expanded gaming into the state it would be in very limited locations such as race tracks and two to four places that are free standing along the borders.

Meanwhie, Mongiardo explained to those present at the meeting on Saturday that though many have asked him why he didn’t run for governor, he felt it was better for him to run for Lt. Governor.

“I want to focus on a few areas that need major focus,” said Mongiardo.

Of those issues he would like to focus on, he said they would include healthcare and bringing adventure tourism into play around Kentucky, something he believes can be done easily through the many hiking trials, lakes, horse trials and biking opportunities that Kentucky lends.

Mongiardo added that when he thought about joining with Beshear he thought about the experience of Beshear being a former attorney general and Lt. Governor and felt it would work.

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