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Chris Girdler (left) holding the giant novelty check or, as he called it, the “Happy Gilmore Check.” From right to left, April Nalle, Ronda Tipton, Tina Clay.

Having trouble containing his enthusiasm, Chris Girdler opened the huge-sized check while wearing a huge smile.

“Holy cow!” he said as he saw the amount. “Holy cow! I had no idea what this was going to be!”

The room laughed as he repeated “holy cow” again and again.

“If it’s one dollar, ten dollars, or a hundred dollars, whatever it is we’ll be super excited,” the SPEDA president remarked prior to the event, but he was not expecting the amount he received. The Angels Team with Century 21 Advantage Realty Somerset of Rhonda Tipton, April Nalle, and Tina Clay presented the local Somerset-Pulaski Economic Development Authority a check for $7,000.

After he opened the check, he rushed the small crowd of people that had assembled in the third floor of the Somerset Energy Center to watch the check be opened into the other room to see the plans they had to build the Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Originally from Idaho, the Angels Team moved to Somerset to supply the city with a Field of Honor that they had seen in Idaho.

“It was a field of more than a thousand flags, and it brought me to tears and impacted me a great deal,” said Clay. “When we moved here, and we were trying to brainstorm on what we could do for the community, I thought about that field, and I wanted to bring one of those fields to this community.”

The team found the best way to supply such a field would be through a fundraiser.

The Angels Team sells flags and uses the money as a charity donation to those in need. The flags are then displayed in the field.

They explained how they started their organization in connection with the Colonial Flag Foundation, who had financed the field which had first inspired them.

“Colonial Flag Foundation was founded the first year of the 9/11 attack,” explained Clay. “This man in Sandy, Utah envisioned a field of flags with a flag flying for each person who had died in the attack. They do fields of honor for military first responders, firefighters, all of that. and then there’s healing fields for the 9/11 attacks cancer, domestic abuse, child abuse, drug addiction…”

The flags themselves are “full-sized,” meaning they are 3-foot-by-5-foot and will be on 8-foot poles.

“As realtors, you get to know your community, and then you start wanting to do more for your community,” said Tipton.

The event will be annual around the Memorial Day holiday. One field will be dedicated to the military while the other field the Team holds will be a healing field whose theme will be determined each year.

The fields will be behind Oak Hill Church and will remain up for two weeks. After which, the flags will be given back to the purchasers.

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