Pulaski County Judge-Executive Steve Kelley announced yesterday at Pulaski Fiscal Court that he is planning on combining the treasurer’s office and the occupational tax office.

“I think it’s reorganization that’s needed and that makes sense,” Kelley said. “It will improve efficiency and also shore things up for the county’s uncertain financial future.”

Kelley is referring to the possibility that the City of Somerset may take a larger share of the occupational tax pie down the road. The judge feels this reorganization comes at a time when it’s important for the office to be streamlined.

“I think this will provide better internal controls,” Kelley said. “With the occupational tax office under the umbrella of the treasurer, it saves some duplication.

“We’ll be launching a new software program that will also provide added efficiency,” Kelley added. “This is just a good time to shore things up.”

Pulaski County Treasurer Joan Isaacs will head up the newly-organized office as the occupational tax administrator, while former occupational tax specialist Laura Adams will have a key role in the reorganization as an accounting supervisor.

“I’ll have to sit down with the magistrates and outline new job descriptions, but we should be able to nail everything down without any difficulties,” said Kelley.

Kelley said the newly-structured financial office will be ready to roll by May 1.

• Kelley made sure he thanked everyone who helped keep Pulaski County safe during the nasty winter storm that hit last week.

“It could have been a catastrophe, but instead it was just a big inconvenience,“ Kelley said. “I was real nervous when I heard the forecast and then when the snow started falling. But everyone pitched in and sacrificed their time to help keep our county safe.

“Our road crews did a tremendous job,” Kelley added. “There’s always criticism out there when it comes to maintaining roads during bad weather, but I could not have been more pleased.”

The judge also pointed out the tireless efforts of the county’s first-responders during the weather crisis.

“It was a team effort. Everyone pitched in. I could not be more proud,” Kelley said.

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