The Southwestern High School’s boys soccer team usually opens their season at The Plains in festive style.

But after Warrior senior Chris Campbell was critically injured in a car accident just one day after their first game of the season, the Southwestern soccer team played with thoughts of their fallen teammate.

Campbell’s jersey # 14 was painted on the sidelines near midfield. Each of his Warrior teammates touched the painted insignia prior to stepping onto the playing field.

At the start of the game, Southwestern put only 10 men on the field, instead of the required 11 players. The empty position in the Warriors’ line-up was left open in honor of Campbell.

“It has been an extremely hard week for us with everything that has been going on,” Southwestern coach James Ray stated. “We have made trips to Lexington to see how Chris is doing and how his family is doing.”

“This game was good to get the kids out and give them some relief from everything that has happened,” Ray continued, “This has been a difficult time for the players and I told them this 80 minutes tonight was a chance for them to go out and vent some of their feelings.”

“Yes, it has been hard, but having the game to get back to has helped us in a way,” Ray said in an ameliorated tone.

Besides the empty position in the Warriors’ line-up at the start of the game, Southwestern dearly missed their teammates’ presence and his great soccer abilities.

“Chris was an excellent player,” Ray said meritoriously. “He played with passion and had an unbelievable desire. And, I think it is going to be those two qualities that is going to help him in his recovery process too.”

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